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Financial "Javelin": the US is preparing the collapse of the ruble

In the case of sanctions of the USA concerning Federal loan bonds we can expect a mass dumping of bonds by non-resident entities, as well as Russian banks, subsidiaries of Western "motherboard". Its volume may exceed 2 trillion rubles.


Bitcoin: a misconception that can conquer the world

Now the price of the cryptocurrency is absolutely unreal. However, for the money. A bar of gold. Disk of iron. A chain of beads. Card of plastic. Cotton roll. These things are useless. You can't eat, drink, and shelter them. But they have value. And their value stems from the simplest things. People believe that it is money, and so be it. If you count every currency confusion on the terms of consensus, bitcoin, the digital cryptocurrency, is more like "consensual hallucination in a psychedelic drugs," says the Wall Street Journal. The concept of the bitcoin was born in a detailed document, published in late 2008 by a person with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. By 2013, one bitcoin was worth $ 12. Today more than 10 000 dollars. Its price has doubled over the past two months. If the Japanese yen or the U.S. dollar pulled something like this, the economy of these countries flew in to a hell of a deflationary spiral.


Belarus is the world's first legalized smart contracts, and abolished the income tax for miners

In the past year in the corridors of power and the Belarusian IT community discussed the main theme: benefits for the high technology Park (HTP) can cancel, or rather, not renew. Critics say that the programmers the highest salaries are several times higher than the average wage in the country. Why give the "fat cats" exemptions from payment of contributions to the Fund of social protection of the population and to provide other tax deductions? The budget and social security Fund lose a lot of money.


The power consumption of the Bitcoin network exceeded the power consumption of Belarus

According to statistics Digiconomist, last month the power consumption of the Bitcoin network increased by 25% and bringing the annual number made up of 35.77 TVT⋅h more than the annual power consumption of Denmark (33 TVT⋅CH), Belarus (33,8 TVT⋅CH) or Bulgaria (34,9 TVT⋅CH).


The world of the blockchain and cryptocurrency with the eyes of a cosmopolitan

Hello! This is partly serious, partly humorous article about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. It describes some of the political and logical problems of the blockchain. Those who are far from the topic, jaw droop after reading, because deep immersion in this world, he looks different.


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