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Digital power

We used to talk about digitization as applied to communication systems, but with the development of information technologies be included in this process and many other industries. The first industrial revolution occurred when, in the late eighteenth century, manual labor began to be widely replaced by machines. The second revolution occurred at the beginning of the XX century, when Henry Ford invented the Assembly line. Currently the world is experiencing a third revolution, associated with the digitalization, and all production will eventually be controlled by computer programs, which can be placed somewhere in the "cloud". Although late, this process has reached to the electricity sector. Once it was bound to happen... this is today and offer to talk.


Available about how cryptocurrencies work

First we paid for a Cup of coffee. Then bought plane tickets. A little later, paid training. Now on the principle of crowdfunding collected a huge amount of incredible inventions and projects. All of the above have in common is that payments were made not the usual money, and using cryptocurrency, whose technology is believed to change the world. But how cryptocurrencies work and differ from other payment methods and electronic money? This article will provide answers to these and some other issues.


Global trade wars are becoming tougher

President trump signed approved by the U.S. Congress of a bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, making this, despite the fact that he "has serious flaws" in the name of "national unity". And now the "law on the fight against America's enemies with the help of sanctions" turns into a true "global trade war" in the triangle USA — EU — Russia. According to Russian officials, denying the validity of the new sanctions, if the US thought that they can bend Russia to change its policy, it was wrong. And the Prime Minister of Russia, Medvedev said that with the introduction of new sanctions of hope for improving Russian-American relations are no more, and by this step, the United States announced Russia's full-fledged trade war. The law takes aim at such key sectors of the Russian economy, like railroads, shipping, and metallurgy.


What distinguishes Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies

A week tearing my hair out and I think that prevented me to invest extra $ 100 in bitcoins a couple of years ago? Even last week had a chance to get on the leaving train and be in the black. Amid the sadness and grief had a chance to dig in the foreign press. Under the cut is a curious story of Jimmy song about how bitcoin differs from other cryptocurrencies.


Centralized cryptocurrencies

At the writing of this article, I was inspired by the recent visit of the conference "Technology of the Blockchain" and the discussion of ideas for improving the blockchain with colleagues. Most of the speakers at the conference were from major Russian banks, and their speeches dealt with the application of the blockchain basically as databases or platforms of smart contracts. However, most of them were able to answer the question: "Why do they even need the blockchain?". Recently the answer was given by a consortium of R3 CEV: "we Have no blockchain, because we don't need him". The blockchain does not need banks that need it instead of banks. It is needed only for decentralized systems, at that time, as applications with the trusted party will always be more efficient, easier, etc.


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