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What distinguishes Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies

A week tearing my hair out and I think that prevented me to invest extra $ 100 in bitcoins a couple of years ago? Even last week had a chance to get on the leaving train and be in the black. Amid the sadness and grief had a chance to dig in the foreign press. Under the cut is a curious story of Jimmy song about how bitcoin differs from other cryptocurrencies.


Centralized cryptocurrencies

At the writing of this article, I was inspired by the recent visit of the conference "Technology of the Blockchain" and the discussion of ideas for improving the blockchain with colleagues. Most of the speakers at the conference were from major Russian banks, and their speeches dealt with the application of the blockchain basically as databases or platforms of smart contracts. However, most of them were able to answer the question: "Why do they even need the blockchain?". Recently the answer was given by a consortium of R3 CEV: "we Have no blockchain, because we don't need him". The blockchain does not need banks that need it instead of banks. It is needed only for decentralized systems, at that time, as applications with the trusted party will always be more efficient, easier, etc.


Financial technologies that are changing the world

The growth of investment in financial technology makes regularly to revise views on money and ways to manage them. What trends define the industry?


Nine occupations in which artificial intelligence and robots will soon replace people

If you sit in a beautiful office, doing important and responsible work, in the evening going home on the Volkswagen Passat at an apartment in the new LCD, then all the news about automation, robots and artificial intelligence is unlikely to cause you fear of losing your place. However, not only laborers and sellers at fast food restaurants soon will be out of business. Maybe you did, too.


Will lead Russia to the world as the economic leader?

Does Russia have the forces and capabilities that will help it lead the world? Whether it has those essential qualities that make her the country, affecting the entire world community? Will European international organization, or NATO, Russia to rise? Let they world Russian hegemony, especially in an era when the United States gradually began to reduce the pace?


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