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If the king dies: why the iPhone is not the same

10 years ago Apple introduced its first mobile phone.


Computers again become expensive and unique devices

Can back the days when PCs and laptops were considered as exclusive technique.


Bitcoin: an explanation for beginners

Bitcoin is real money or not? Around bitcoins is a lot of controversy. Critics of bitcoin often argue their position that bitcoins are not backed by tangible funds and, therefore, money is not, or at least not be able to function as real money. Supporters of Bitcoin say it that the US dollar is also unsecured and, therefore, also has no intrinsic value, but also copes with its functions of currency, at least not yet. Will collapse if the dollar is for this reason that in the near future?


Where are the bitcoins

As bitcoin farm create a cryptocurrency that is why, contrary to stereotypes, not everyone can virtual to get rich and how much currency to generate the largest cryptoform the world — in the material "Газеты.Ru".


Chain up to Russia. What is the blockchain and why this technology will soon change the world

Possible salvation from anti-Russian sanctions and the threat of state agencies in one bottle — the blockchain technology minds, as the bankers of the world and Russian officials. "Газета.Ru" figure out how this technology can change the world and why the head of Sberbank said that Russia has no right to "miss" the blockchain.


Возрастное ограничение