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Chain up to Russia. What is the blockchain and why this technology will soon change the world

Possible salvation from anti-Russian sanctions and the threat of state agencies in one bottle — the blockchain technology minds, as the bankers of the world and Russian officials. "Газета.Ru" figure out how this technology can change the world and why the head of Sberbank said that Russia has no right to "miss" the blockchain.


Working offshore: a brief tutorial

What you need to know about nominee Directors, bearer shares and other features of the island jurisdictions.


Banking Evolution: How to see the future of the world's largest money money

Conference Money 20/20, which ended in Las Vegas - the largest event in the world dedicated to financial technologies. I managed to look "under the hood" sector, to see what happens at the intersection of finance and IT.


Trends in the global e-commerce market in 2015-2016

The market of electronic commerce both in the world and in a RuNet very actively develops, despite crises and other negative events. In the world in a year average rates of growth by data eMarketer make about 18-20 % a year, in Russia and Ukraine rates of growth reach 17-18 %. It approximately 3-4 % from the general retail in Russia (in Ukraine hardly it is less, the market is developed less and now deep crisis) and to 10-12 % in the USA and other developed countries. The average level in the world makes approximately 6 %. A unique exception, last year in Ukraine because of a deep economic crisis the market has not grown in a dollar equivalent, but for the local companies it is chance to overtake missed earlier. The most interesting that all of us still are in a stage of origin of the market. Under many forecasts the share of electronic commerce in the general retail will reach 20 % in the nearest some years. For the companies of the given sector ignoring of this market is equivalent today to death tomorrow.


Lessons (Half) Learned: Comparing the 1998 and 2014 Ruble Crises

>In December 2014, Russia experienced the most significant drop in the ruble’s value since the financial crisis of August 1998—an event that proved devastating to then-president Boris Yeltsin’s government and its “oligarch” financiers.


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