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Research direction "Economy and Finance" is focused on in-depth study of the fundamental laws of the modern world and national economies. Particular attention is paid to the study of the causes and consequences of the financial and economic crises. We study the techniques and methods of assessment of the current financial and economic situation and forecasting of economic crisis. Separately studied issues related to strategic management and planning of economic activity.

The European Union has spent $400 000 on a study showing that pirates don't affect sales of digital content

Copyright holders, especially major music labels, game publishers, film studios often complain that they lost as a result of the activities of the pirates profit is huge. Loss, according to them, amount to billions of dollars. These figures are found in the courts, where there are constant litigation with companies and individuals who, in the opinion of the owners, infringe copyright by downloading illegal movies, games, music and books.

24-09-2017 admin 3039 0

If the NSA figured out Satoshi Nakamoto, how?

The Creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto remains the most mysterious billionaire on the planet. Is one or more person, the person (s) who are not known to anyone. Or rather, not known to the General public. In the words of thewell-known Internet entrepreneur and investor Alexander Moose (Alexander Muse), which refers to its sources in the Ministry of national security experts managed to de-anonymize Satoshi, with a total of wiretapping, PRISM, MUSCULAR, and of stylometry. However, the reliability of the source has not been tested — and not the fact that the NSA was not mistaken in his calculations. At the very least, to disclose the real name of Satoshi, no one is going.

01-09-2017 admin 3098 0

Blockchain: the future should know it professionals

I know many are tired of the hype around Bitcoin, ETH and ICO. But let's do it online back to the basics: for technology.

31-08-2017 admin 2746 0

The U.S. Treasury is preparing the explosive jump in the dollar

The U.S. Treasury intends to dramatically increase the production of debt in the fourth quarter, according to the plan forecast, published by the Committee on loans of the U.S. Treasury. From October to December, in total us budget is planning to bring to market through government bonds 501 billion.

15-08-2017 admin 2555 0

Found "mysterious", the Central Bank, frightening the markets

In the second quarter this year, data on capital flows, unlike the first quarter, showed a persistent and rather strange outflow from US stock market to European and emerging markets.

15-08-2017 admin 2195 0

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