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Formation of the innovation system in Russia

The project covers issues related to the formation and development of the national innovation system in the Russian Federation. We study the international experience of such projects and their current status and direction of development.

"VEB Innovations" will create a consortium for the development of robotics and cyber systems

Company "VEB Innovation" plans to create in 2018 consortia for the development of robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems and other technologies of the future, said to RIA Novosti, the General Director of the company Kirill Bulatov.

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Rogozin is not the first: interview with the developer of the system liquid breathing Andrey Filippenko

19 December, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin showed the Serbian President technology liquid breathing. To do this, in a vessel with a transparent liquid immersed resist a Dachshund named Nicholas. Few tens of seconds of a live animal got out and leaked fluid from the lungs of the dog.

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Why Russia has no outstanding mathematicians

From the Lenin hills in the South-West have a fantastic view on Russian capital. At the bottom of the Moscow river describes a steep arc around the Olympic stadium in 1980, the Kremlin — six kilometers. Above all this stands the pompous main building of Lomonosov University, the former for decades, a Mecca for mathematicians.

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Sanctions reflect the problems of the domestic software

Crimea and Russian officials continue to buy American Microsoft, despite the sanctions. However they do it correctly, so the Americans will not be easy to undermine. But a reasonable question arises: why Russia, well-known because of their it people, still relies on foreign software and operating system, while it has a wide range of domestic products?

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Linux users rebelled against the refusal of government agencies from purchasing Russian

The same type of tired and untrue arguments of the state authorities in favor of the impossibility of purchasing them Russian software, Russian OS developers the points denied the statements of the officials.

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