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Formation of the innovation system in Russia

The project covers issues related to the formation and development of the national innovation system in the Russian Federation. We study the international experience of such projects and their current status and direction of development.

Energy against warming: what place Russia takes in the "green" market

About 60% of Russian thermal power plants built over 40 years ago and in the coming years needs to be upgraded or replaced. This is a chance to create a new sector of the economy, renewable energy sources.

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Russia will spend 10 billion rubles for the implementation of teleportation by 2035

The program "national technology initiative" provides for the emergence in Russia by 2035, cyber-physical systems.

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Attempt No. 5. Of Roscosmos and ORCC will create the eighth state in the country

During the meeting held on 21 January 2015, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the initiative of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the creation of new state corporations, including Roscosmos and the United rocket and space Corporation (URSC). The next day, January 22, was held the meeting of the Commission on the reform of the rocket and space industry of the country.

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GAS-16: flying "Volga"

It turns out that the idea of a flying "Volga" appeared long before the film "Black lightning". Talking about GAS-16 – one of the most fantastic developments of Soviet engineers.

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Elena Larina. Russia in the shadows war and technological revolution

As a rule, the contemporaries tend to highlight the bright and relevant important developments to the detriment of long-term, determining the life of countries and peoples, processes. Usually the focus is on political, economic, and technological issues remain in the background.

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