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Feoktistov, K. P. "But we do missiles. Memories and reflections of the researcher-cosmonaut"
Material posted: Publication date: 10-08-2017
Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov - engineer, designer of the spacecraft, one of the first astronauts. His new book is a fascinating story about the development of cosmonautics and about the people whose names are inscribed in the history of space exploration. But the main concern of K. P. Feoktistov - the pressing problems of mankind. Their reflections on the approaches to the solution of global problems of the present and future shares with readers the author.

Long road
Holiday missiles
Starting to work on the ship
Ustinov, Korolyov and others
The first man in orbit
Earth through the porthole
The space station
Experience the Lunar program
Where to go next
in space research
Urgent business
Common problems


Tags: Russia , space , USSR

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