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NPO "Molniya" – massacre in the Russian way
Material posted: Publication date: 27-08-2016
With all the stands chant "We are the great cosmic power!" We have a great past – those who consider themselves citizens of Russia, not favorites, not to take any crazy education reform, no vulgar thieves privatization. We really had a great, first, and the whole country feel involved in the flight of Gagarin. Another thing – at the present time to pronounce these words right awkward. Very difficult to explain the mockery of the most advanced and powerful space assets of the country – Scientific and production Association "Lightning". Citizens of the "great space" is now boldly call themselves Americans (maybe that's why the Russian elite tries to get away in Miami?), that's it, and China will announce that he is "king of the hill".

Who is running for a dream?

For NGOs "Lightning" specially selected place – southern Tushino: railway, next channels and the Moscow river. To this day it is possible to produce an apparatus of any size and take it on the water anywhere – for example, in GKNPTs im. M. V. khrunicheva or tests in Zhukovsky. But something long time did not carry. Our astronauts are interested in the designer: when they begin to do? It is interesting to know not only astronauts. Did you forget even what could?

Americans do not hide that, for example, "dream Chaser" licked with moldavskogo "Bora" – not just copied the appearance, but somehow got the aerodynamic calculations and the results of purging the Soviet apparatus. Taught to fly "Bor" in the atmosphere of the test pilots Igor Volk, Valery Menitsky, Peter Ostapenko, Alexander Fastovets, Alexander Fedotov and Vasily Uryadov. "Bor-4" in addition to performed suborbital and four orbital unmanned flight.

But it was three decades ago! A new American spaceplane intended for delivery to low earth orbit cargo and crews of up to 7 people. Take-off – rocket, landing – on an aircraft. And the name of the American appropriate – "dream Chaser", meaning "chasing the dream".

RSC Energia is working hard to replacem – so between the designers called the advanced manned transport ship the "Federation". It really is very similar to the phantasmagoric intergalactic crew from the movie "kin-DZA-DZA" and completely unoriginal. And the Americans went their separate ways and have made the same "pepelats" and quietly, without fuss, began work in the field of cruise space.

The world on the way to cruise the cosmos

The groundwork for the "Lightning" harvested is huge. Not for nothing did it. The ambitious task was set – to catch up again and overtake the Americans in the space race. It turned out a kind of Stalinist "sharashka". Only in the sharashka 40's design and engineering thought is driven by the power, providing a high-calorie rations and guards. In the 70s "Zip" gathered volunteers from across the country, dreaming of a breakthrough in deep space. They are inundated with money and given the opportunity to create. And in order to lead, you need, in the language of economists, for a start, reduce cost per kilogram of the payload into orbit.

The priority for today way to provide reusable equipment. Famous American shuttles and our system "Energy – Buran" no more than a small step to solving this problem. Super-heavy launch vehicle Energia with all of its expensive systems and engines were disposable. "Buran" is back, and from the giant missiles were alone only memories and photo frames.

The same story of a crippled American space Shuttle – the ship, of course, returned to Earth, but the cost of the upgrade of the notorious kg was excessively high.


Hypersonic product is any machine capable of racing in the Earth's atmosphere faster than 5 times the speed of sound. It is desirable that it have its own engine, was manageable and could maneuver independently, and would be reusable.

If somewhere heard the word "Hyper -", the archive of "Lightning" immediately replenished with these materials. The same can be said about rocket and aerospace technologies and experiments. And so it went until 1989. Collected enormous amounts of information, which has yet to understand.

But as he worked on specific goals and objectives, many very promising postponed" – said Kozma Prutkov, "impossible to grasp". And then, as you know, came the devastating and corrupt the 90s, which for NPO "Molniya" has continued into the twenty-first century. In 1993, the company arrives by the American delegation, which mostly consisted of staff employees of special services of the USA.

Immediately after their visit, the company began to smash. But even for liberals, Gaidar's appeal it turned out to be a daunting task. In 2007 "the flash" gets just three of the contract on hypersonic technologies. Worked closely with TSAGI. In 2008 there did not just similar to the American hypersonic X-51, and a much more serious camera, and on the basis of our, not American technology. It turned out a hypersonic aircraft, more aircraft, not a missile, with long range and also reusable.

And in this moment everything is artificially delayed: closed funding programs, changing the leadership of the company.

Order – destroy!

The problem, as some sources in the industry, are again in the plane of the destructive activities of the Yeltsin government. It seems that there are agreements with the Americans, which Russia is obliged to destroy the whole reserve, design and technological documentation, the program "Energy – Buran". USA simply said, "You don't need it". And all the businesses that one or another side worked with the NGO "Lightning", it has been such an indication. And the Orgy began.

A number of companies destroyed almost all the archives on this system, experimental results in combination with the ship "Buran". Immediately it should be noted that in the NGO "Lightning" these materials are still alive. Moreover, they say that the participants in the Program did not lead to criminal team at the top, made up fake acts that destroyed everything, documents sent where it should, and the equipment – unique setup and the model program "Energy – Buran" – it was dismantled and buried in the ground until better times. After the "terminators" from the developers of the Buran from behind.

Then, when all hidden by the same people dug back in and the installation started to return to their seats, another of the leaders was very surprised round eyes. Do not be surprised that some of this "archaeological" hurt showed in the beginning of this year President Vladimir Putin. 2008 – the collapse of the hangar with the "Buran" at Baikonur.

In 2015 at the Tushino machine building plant (TMZ) is burned shop, the fire area – 15 thousand square meters. In the reports it was held as a warehouse with machine oil, but in fact it was the most modern factory-shop No. 110, where control and test center (CFC) with a huge anechoic chamber, where he collected and prepared the "Buran" to fly.

The specialists of the NGO "Lightning" was the government of the Russian Federation with a request to hold this workshop and a few sites TMZ and create aerospace center for reusable theme – NPO "Molniya" and TMZ are actually located in the same area in 100 hectares, where the "Zipper" is listed only 7 hectares. the Rest let the dealers take, the hell with them. And here's to you, ay-I-ay, all burned! Asking a friend of the inspector of fire protection: "What was that?" Responds confidently: "Between us – it was arson". TMZ ruined, "Lightning" is held.

Technology betrayal

Back in the year 2010.

NPO "Molniya" is preparing to fly another promising hypersonic product, experts say, "ready to fly". And then come the next leaders. Begin to "shrink" the development, the theme of the topic. The designers have not signed the schedules, he stated that there is no money, the military reported on the unwillingness and lack of funds. The new management went to the subcontractors, who prepared a completely new hypersonic engine and enjoy (because of the significance of the topic) worked for very little money. After the visit of the "comrades" issue price increased two times. The same thing happens with components. Miracles or systematic work on the lack of results? And then the "Vikings" go to customers and say that is not enough money for those funds that are in the estimates, will do nothing. Further actions of managers difficult to explain: they are on level ground, start the bankruptcy procedure for the ears of busy NGO "Lightning".

Topic is locked, nobody is flying. By an amazing coincidence, at the same time (2011) Americans launch with three equivalents of spacecraft developed by NPO Molniya. And they somehow just fly. One of the spacecraft X-37B, the second X-51, and the third is quite "closed". And in the history of early bankruptcy, "Lightning" (continues to this day) conclusion – someone was tired of being beaten by perestroechnikami liberals firm continues to resist and work on topics for which Washington has long put his paw and I think of their monopoly. Here we are serious guys and started to heat NGOs. Persistently spreading rumors, they say, NPO "Molniya" – a corpse, a suitcase without a handle, which is hard to bear, and throw a pity. This nonsense and now walks in high offices.

Drowned, drowned but not drowned!

In 2013, when all those responsible for the country's defense scared all the American X-37B, which dark horse is hanging out in earth orbit over our heads, like the revival of the firm's family for her subjects – reusability and hypersound. Very successfully and quickly finish MRKS worked for five models in six months, applied the methods of prototyping, which is a lot of talk, but "Lightning" without fanfare, been doing this for over six years. Gave a result, and now we can confidently say that Russia has a reusable booster first stage for the rocket "Angara". Called now this thing is a reusable booster accelerator (MRU) "Baikal". In fact, outdid the Americans – "Baikal" works as the first stage of the rocket and the aircraft automatically returns to a given point and lands on a runway of a conventional airport, the Russian space Agency saving huge amounts of money (engines and all the stuffing). We have real reusability and reduction in the value of the kilogram of payload in orbit. In this case, the management of the spokes in the wheels are inserted. And here (again, coincidence?) on "Lightning" comes to Managing company "Bouquet".

Again on the murder of scientific thought, technology, archives, unique equipment. Designers and engineers again came under hostile surveillance. All developments for which the perturbation starts, the Vikings lick and then POPs. The leading designers of NPO "Molniya" deprived of access to the secret works of people who do not have access to state secrets by definition. The anechoic chamber, where he worked on electronic systems of the spacecraft, on the order of "buttowski" leaders "Zip" dismantled and set up the trampoline for acrobats.

The specialists of "Zipper" between the "Bunch" called "raiders," but the tasks of these so-called raiders perform are quite different. "Lightning" a serious enterprise even began to sidestep – "what About the secret workings can say, if there is unclear leadership who are stuck?" As a result, the role of the leading enterprises were not determined. Without the "Zipper" question cannot be solved. Scientists from the Zhukovsky moan: "It's not ours, we a science, but here it is necessary to pump iron.

We will help test and figure, but this thing "Lightning". Recently released information that in the Center of Khrunichev restored, the Department for reusable launch vehicles. This same news told to the correspondent "Arguments of week" and pilot-cosmonaut Igor Volk. The Department consists of specialists from NPO Molniya, those who worked to create systems "Energy – Buran", MAX, "Baikal". Department, how to write "Izvestia", headed by Paul A. the Lehov, one of the designers of the system "Energy – Buran".

From this it follows that the Russian space Agency represented by General designer Alexander Medvedev is looking for workarounds to preserve the scientific school and of the people. What will come of this, it is unclear to recreate in a new place the whole team, a unique experimental base and transfer the precious files – the task unfeasible. Meanwhile, around the NPO community go Chinese – they are also very interested in reusability.

There is a huge field activities for the intelligence agencies, primarily the FSB.

USA – tactics and strategy

The Director of the NASA (NASA), Michael Griffin (2005 to 2009) in one of the mission statements noted that people are leaving the space industry. And for the next 30 years the challenge is to keep the professionals in the industry, give them a feasible task, for example, to make conventional spacecraft such as the Russian "Soyuz". What Americans are now doing – design and build in General nothing outstanding space ships and save the industry, staff and school.

Often pretending that this is a private initiative. And in fact for Elon Musk, corporations "Boeing", "Lockheed" and the other is the American state with all its resources. But the Americans have deceived the whole world, when he said that on more shuttles will not fly – inefficient.

Say, take the example of the Russians and their time-tested rockets and ships. About winged space in the United States do not forget. Of course, from the point of view of the designers of NPO "Molniya", the American X-37 is nothing more than a technology demonstrator. And rumors that this device now bears any kind of threat to Russia, affects the weather, sends heat and natural disasters, is nonsense. But in our time, the Americans in strict secrecy put somewhere in the Nevada desert, a team of designers and for 9 years has created a huge aircraft, the wingspan of which is 90 meters. Today's record of the An-225 "Mriya"! Seems to fly in the next year. What do you do? Followed the Soviet development of NPO "Molniya", the brainchild of academician G. E. Lozino-Lozinski – MAX.

Multipurpose aerospace system (MAX) – fully researched the project air launch system, which consists of the carrier aircraft (An-225 "Mriya") and orbital spacecraft-rocket based spaceplane also called the orbital plane). It is estimated the cost of removing (and returning to Earth) aerospace system MAX kg payload into orbit altitude of 200 km – $ 1200. It's very cheap! The same indicator for the system the space Shuttle was 15-20 thousand dollars. The Americans once again did not hesitate to climb in the intellectual coffers of our country. And that, again, to rush after him? And in a few decades the aerospace industry in the US wait for the emergence of new technologies and materials.

Most likely, and engines running on today unknown physical principles. And, saving potential, will be able to jerk forward. Not to the moon and Mars and to other planets and worlds. To engage in concrete actions, not just to show the flag.

Return "Lightning" in the space

The trade Union of workers of the NGO "Lightning" in the face of Deputy chief designer Kirill Ratnikova, Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation and cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Igor Volk fighting for the company, having as a shield the order of the President of the Russian Federation – strategic enterprise is to be retained. But carry out it those who should be, badly. Main support comes from the top of the Communist faction in the state Duma.

It turns out that Putin in the space industry there are no other allies but the Union and the Communists? Where "people's front" and the "United Russia"? And the Executive authorities? Even the prosecutors know and afraid to say a word. Here is an excerpt from the appeal of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the leading pilot of the ISS "Buran", the President of Fund of assistance to national projects I. P. Wolf to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin: "To ensure the possibility of development of a number of projects advanced models of hypersonic and space technology, including those included in Federal government programs, you need unconditional preservation and use of capacity of JSC "NPO "Lightning" as a single scientific-industrial complex and a complete reconstruction of the scientific school.

In modern conditions of development of the industry the decision on the preservation of the JSC "NPO "Molniya" has no alternative. Especially considering the steep increase of foreign competitors in this field of technology. The preservation company will allow you to begin to use the existing unique groundwork for a reusable hypersonic subjects and to ensure the full involvement of archive development of JSC "NPO "Molniya" in the rapid development of the industry, training and continuity of personnel.

One of the possible options for a full revival of "Lightning" seems to be the organizational incorporation of the company in scientific and production activities of GK "Rosatom" in the framework of projects of development of reusable systems of new generation".

One of the major ills of the NGO "Lightning" in that the company is part of rostec. "Lightning" Rostec has been a stepdaughter, a non-core asset. It is the place in the Russian space Agency – it's an obvious fact. Super technologies, such as in the NGO "Lightning", are born where they engaged in the state. Agree, the technology of the Third Reich amaze researchers today. That is, the German engineers led by Wernher von Braun led the American astronauts to the moon. What can we say about the achievements that are collected in the postwar years. Another thing is that a huge percentage of those top-secret knowledge, which were invested decades of work of thousands of scientists and engineers flowed into the ocean. While the state does not invest in such programs – nothing. About Elon musk and his space wonders you can talk all you want, but the state's presence is felt even at a superficial acquaintance with his work. And Russia in this respect the most valuable jewel in its crown space will be left with worthless "Bouquet" in their hands and scorched acres at first, and then mastered by developers of land in Tushino. Someone really wants to.

Vladimir Leonov


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