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The reform of the RAS is recognized as a failure: FANO expands, institutions evicted
Material posted: Publication date: 02-03-2017
The Union of the Academy of Sciences conducted a survey of Russian scientists on the results of three years of transformation.

In 2013, the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was designed for three years. These years have passed. What are results of reform? What good or bad have brought transformation? Improved financial, material and social base, social protection of scientific workers, personnel situation? To get answers to all these questions the trade Union of the RAS, jointly with the Social science forum "Russia: key problems and solutions" offered to scientists of our country to participate in an expert survey on the reform of the RAS and the prospects of development of Russian science. The materials survey will be sent to the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences for further use in the preparation of this report. "MK" has analyzed the profiles of employees of the Russian scientific organizations.

The reform of the RAS is recognized as a failure: FANO expands, institutions evicted photo: Gennady Cherkasov
The study involved 240 Russian scientists and Directors of institutes, heads of laboratories, doctors and candidates of Sciences. All of them were asked to answer several questions: "What reform gave your Institute, your lab?", "Improved financial, material and social base, social protection of scientific workers, personnel situation?".

According to many scientists, in General, the reform of the RAS nothing good scientists never brought. On the contrary, the survey revealed a number of problems, mainly chronic underfunding. Not enough money to purchase the necessary equipment and new equipment, fell sharply the possibility of conducting experimental and field works, which are indispensable for receiving new data. "Expeditions and scientific trips have become almost unaffordable luxury. The major problem is the funding of field research in Russia, which have not changed for decades, resulting in many field workers have to cover these costs from its own budget", say the researchers.

Promising projects remain on paper

Not enough money to Fund all projects that receive high marks. For example, a group of scientists of Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as reported by the leading researcher of this Institute, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Alexander Bagrov, a meteor is engaged in research and prepared a specific program for the protection of the Earth from the "unannounced visit", but the incarnation is not out of the question. "This is an important area, the importance of which is especially great for prevent meteor risks in space exploration - said Bagrov. Very promising would be the creation of a specialized satellite, developed by us to solve a different problem - identify the threat space phone This satellite would allow to detect all the natural bodies of decameter size, crossing the near-earth space, and to study this completely unexplored component of the solar system. Finally, proposed and patented by us method impact on dangerous space objects could be implemented for 3-4 years, and it would give guaranteed protection from falling on the Earth threatens global catastrophe of large bodies."

Something to be proud of - dies

Over the years of reforms has been phased out of many schools of thought, which is famous for the country in previous years. For example, funding was stopped school "Productional Hydrobiology" under the leadership of RAS academician, Professor Oleksandr Alimov. "But without the use of the knowledge and trends of this School impossible reasonable predictions of rational use of water bodies and watercourses", - said the scientist. Not, in the opinion of interviewed experts, to provide financing only to those projects and studies, which, ultimately, can bring commercial results. This approach can be ruined fundamental research as the basis of all Sciences.

Scientists isolated from the world scientific thought

According to many respondents, the ideology of self-funded science is flawed. Worldwide science has state support. Many scientists complain that they have no access to databases of scientific literature. The number of libraries in academic institutions are not able to write not only foreign, but also domestic magazines. It does not allow for timely acquainted with the achievements of world science, its promising new directions.

Obscenely low salary scientist pushes youth

Very acute in institutions the issue with the staff, which is strongly dependent on wages. Today in academic institutions, which came under the control of FANO (Federal Agency of scientific organizations), it is obscenely low. This raises the problem of attracting talented young people into science. Here's what he wrote on this occasion, head of laboratory of the scientific center of wave researches of Institute of General physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Brysev: "What are the prospects of it (young people) expect, what can be the prestige of the profession of researcher, if the salary of their leader, doctor of Sciences, head of laboratory in one of the world's leading physical institutes of the RAS less than that of the grandmother-pensioner, sitting by the escalator in the metro. As a young researcher can devote himself to science if he has such a low income?!"

Supply managers distracted from studies

Many scientists are convinced that it is necessary to abolish, or at least "put in place" FANO, which assumed the leadership of domestic science. Officials sometimes do not understand what science is, what are the features of its functioning and development, the result was excessive bureaucratization, the formalism. Scientists have to prepare endless reports that distracts them from research and leads to the waste of time and energy, they believe that interesting and meaningful research activities replaced by the pursuit of performance, not actual results. "FANO is not helped but only complicated the work of scientists many bureaucratic requirements, usually urgent, mainly relating to the updating of statistics, rankings, citations, time-consuming registration on different sites, etc. that takes a lot of time from research. All these data are believed to be needs to enter the Russian science in the world, but the sense of a globalization for a bit. All this bureaucratic work falls on the shoulders of scientists, in the meantime, state officials FANO, who, it would seem, was intended to relieve scientists from foreign issues is only growing, so much so that it required all new premises. As a result, our Institute is already under threat of eviction, because FANO was expanded. Who can resist it?" - asks in one of the profiles leading researcher of the Institute of Slavic studies of RAS, doctor of Sciences.

Why do scientists "strangle" the reports and checks?

Should demand from officials perform only those tasks for which they are intended. However, the institutions periodically experienced the strongest pressure on the part of any Supervisory state bodies. One example of this is the Institute of software systems. A. K. aylamazyan wounds. The Institute is engaged in major research in nanotechnology and information technology. As said the Director of the Institute Sergei Abramov, "the impression that the regulatory authorities have heard the call to "stop scaring business" and moved on to institutions of Sciences (I speak from my Institute). For 2016 we have moved 32 check - 7 planned and 25 unplanned from the various departments. Practically each of the 32 audits has been many days, some weeks. Essentially each calendar day in 2016, the Institute was under the yoke of one of several tests. Crazy copy documents from queries, calls to testify... I know (as co-founder of four IT companies, the head 2 of them) this coven business is not. This cannot but undermine the atmosphere in the team and the General feeling".

Maybe you should listen to the voice of our scientists and stop torturing science the endless reforms, to give, finally, they can engage in research, to devote himself entirely to scientific work? You need to provide them with decent wages, to raise the prestige of scientific work, and this is possible only under condition of respect of the state to its most educated. Without science there is no progress in education and development of all sectors of the economy. As said the Nobel laureate in physics Zhores Alferov: "If you look at what countries in the world are the richest, it is the ones that successfully develop science and new technologies".

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