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Future of the Information Society

The project covers the work of the Centre's staff related to the study of various aspects of the formation and Development Reports of the information society at the present stage. Аddresses the security of the financial system, the economy and quality of life in general.

Cyberpsychology, neural networks and synthesis of intellects

In 2015, while developing the methodology "Cyberpsychology" and simultaneously reading pairs to first-year students, I touched on the problem of AI. In particular, that by 2027 artificial intelligence will be something quite ordinary. And the main task of humanity will be the introduction of an AI platform directly into the brain. How can this happen in the near future and why now?

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Labor market, identity issue, digital inequality: what will the metaverse change in human society

Alpina Publisher is publishing a book by venture capitalist Matthew Ball, "The Metaverse: How It Changes Our World." The author talks about what the metaverse is — a technological and social concept that unites many virtual worlds into one, what role Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the NFT market play in its development, and how it will change the structure of human society. We publish a fragment from the final chapter in which the author predicts what challenges humanity will face in the metaverse.

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Web 3.0, managed by users themselves — reality or utopia?

Literally in recent days, two significant events have occurred: The British Interior Ministry allowed the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, and Telegram introduced a paid subscription. How are these events related and what are they talking about? This shows that the golden age of web 2.0 as a space of freedom is naturally coming to an end. On the one hand, the state is leading the offensive: Julian Assange created his own Wikipedia, Wikileaks, a resource that was dedicated to the main value of freedom of speech — the ability of people to expose the abuses of the powerful: states and corporations. As a result, for such revelations, he found himself persecuted by the most powerful state on earth — the United States. American prosecutors have not forgiven him for helping Chelsea Manning in leaking data on war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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TOP 7 IT and digital trends in 2022

Predicting the future is a risky business, because drastic changes in the world, as experience shows, can come at any moment. But the purpose of the article is not to predict, but to highlight the trends that are followed in technologically advanced regions and which are very likely to affect the future of mankind. Let's start with one interesting collective scientific study.

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China's roadmap to the status of "ruler of the world". They will be the one who will be able to curb the algorithms

Back in 2017, Putin announced that the country that achieved leadership in the creation of artificial intelligence "will be the ruler of the world." But in the yard of the XXI, not the XX century, when the “ruler of the world" definitely became the one who created atomic weapons. Today, technological leadership is a rather vague concept. Go figure out who is the leader in AI today: the USA or China.

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