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Future of the Information Society

The project covers the work of the Centre's staff related to the study of various aspects of the formation and Development Reports of the information society at the present stage. Аddresses the security of the financial system, the economy and quality of life in general.

Special Operation "Bitcoin". As us intelligence agencies have lost control of the "crypt"

Cryptocurrency, according to many estimates, the currency of the future. It is convenient, technologically advanced, reliable and is completely decentralized form of money outside the control of any state fiscal structures. But if for some it is a calculation tool or store of money, for others it is a tool of financial and political influence. The fact that this statement is true, it shows the history of cryptocurrencies from its inception to the present day.

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The system of social rating in China is to punish willful scientists

To take control of the distribution, that is to say, scientific self-will — commit scientific misconduct that may cause a resonance in society and ethics — the Chinese government is expanding its contradictory system of social ranking, including its violations perpetrated by scientists. This plan may scare some scientists, however, the likelihood of abuse of scientific authority is real. "Chinese scholars who commit academic violations may soon be able to get a Bank loan to establish a company or apply for admission to public service," writes David Cyranoski of Nature News.

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Once again, the "death spiral" of bitcoin

Over the past month appeared in many publications, the authors wrote that bitcoin enters a phase of so-called "death spiral", Todes. Naturally, investors are very concerned about the development, primarily, in the short term price trend leading cryptocurrency.

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Standards nestow

There will now be arguments on the topic of changes in morality caused by overly long life, so long that it already does not climb in any gate.

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To Google talk as "exponential" increase AI changes the very nature of computing

A programmer from Google cliff young explains how the explosive development of algorithms, deep learning coincides with the failure of Moore's law, decades working rules of thumb progress of computer chips, and causes the development of a fundamentally new computing scheme.

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