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Future of the Information Society

The project covers the work of the Centre's staff related to the study of various aspects of the formation and Development Reports of the information society at the present stage. Аddresses the security of the financial system, the economy and quality of life in general.

"People will have to think about whether they are ready to entrust their lives to a computer." What will AI achieve in 20 years

Kaifu Li is the former head of Google in China and the author of the book "Superpowers of Artificial Intelligence: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order." Recently, Li and the author of the cyberpunk novel "Garbage Surf" Chen Qufan wrote a joint work on the near-term prospects for the development of artificial intelligence - "AI 2041". Noema magazine published an interview with Lee, where he told how AI will change healthcare, education and international politics.

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The dangers of the metaverse: what the science fiction writers predict

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the beginning of the creation of a "metaverse". This is a new type of virtual space, fundamentally different from the existing one in that it makes it possible to feel a physical presence in the digital space.

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An international group of scientists from Harvard, Oxford, Manchester, Sydney Universities and King's College London summed up the research on the impact of the Internet on cognitive functions and the human brain. Both temporary and stable changes in most areas of human intellectual activity have been identified. The influence of the Internet (including negative) on memory, attention, socially-oriented cognitive abilities and the general intellectual level of a person has been confirmed.

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