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Future of the Information Society

The project covers the work of the Centre's staff related to the study of various aspects of the formation and Development Reports of the information society at the present stage. Аddresses the security of the financial system, the economy and quality of life in general.

Man as IoT device. Programming biorobots

And let's imagine the near future, which embodied the most plausible headlines and missions of startups on chipping, achievements of artificial intelligence such as computer vision, artificial food, self-managed devices(drones) and everything else that belongs to progressive technologies, which already have access to the residents of large cities.

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Life as a service?

Life as-a-service (HCS), or in English "Life as a Service" (LaaS) found expression in the minds of several people or groups of people: here it was considered from the perspective of the total digitalization of life, turning all its services and demand a new political system capitulationism, and here a self-critical view from the US considering slugishly life as an attempt to solve the problem of unnecessary waste of resources (recognizing that Americans consume resources in 4 times more than stable provides, the entire planet) was. What unites these views is the identification of trends in the abandonment of private property, such as vehicles, computing devices, home and even clothing. However, the actual relationship between the concept of life as service with the already widely known IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and with which of them it is possible to compare? How to ensure safety and compliance with ethical standards, their own worldview in a new environment: consider the existing problems and their solutions.

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The future world will be ruled not intelligent machines and cyborgs wise...

When we think of wisdom come to mind the ancient philosophers, mystics or spiritual leaders. Wisdom is somehow associated with the past. However, some thought leaders suggest us to reconsider the wisdom in the context of technological development for the future. With the development of exponential technologies like virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics, people have access to more powerful tools. These tools are neither bad nor good in themselves; only human values and decisions affect their application.

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News from the bottom: IT giants have begun to actively build their own long-haul submarine network

We have long been accustomed to, that large IT companies are engaged not only in production of products and services, but also actively participate in the development of the Internet infrastructure. DNS from Google cloud storage and Amazon hosting, data-centers of Facebook worldwide fifteen years ago, it seemed too ambitious, and now is the norm to which all accustomed to.

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Artificial intelligence, plus the convergence of five of the expected breakthroughs

Today we talk about artificial intelligence and convergence. Neil Jacobstein is a specialist in the field of artificial intelligence with vast experience (over 25 years of counseling). He is currently engaged in the AI and robotics at Singularity University, Peter Diamandis, another prominent figure in the field of AI, the field of life extension, robotics, and other futuristic trends. This year the exhibition Abundance360 Neal has predicted five trends that, in his opinion, will gain momentum in the next 5 years.

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