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Not fear of terrorists, fear of the state
Material posted: Publication date: 30-04-2018
Around the world people are very afraid of terrorist attacks. The sudden death of innocent people shocked the society. Politicians everywhere are well aware of this fear and use it.

Two weeks after the terrorist attack in Beslan, Putin abolished the direct election of governors. Then built the vertical of power, and all agreed that safety is paramount, and you never know what the bandits can break through to the chair of governors, if you give people the opportunity to choose.

For your safety in 2012 then still President Dmitry Medvedev ordered on all transport nodes to establish a framework of metal detectors and screen passengers. This, of course, utter nonsense, irrelevant to real security. But it is possible to cut billions of rubles. A little less than two years after the attack in the area of inspection station in Volgograd claiming the lives of 18 people.

For your safety adopted the "law of Spring".

Under the pretext of your security tightening legislation, impose censorship, start wars, spend billions to show, complicate the lives of ordinary people.

Do you want to tomorrow you all blew up?

"Telegram" also began to lock for your safety. After all, the terrorists who blew up the St. Petersburg metro, they were rewritten in the "Telegram," and the actor is such a bastard, does not give the keys to decrypt their correspondence!

And now, according to the Federal channels leading to various talk shows and news asked viewers: do you support terrorists? Maybe, look in the eyes of those who have lost their relatives in the terrorist attack?

A simple man ready to surrender to the nearest reception of the FSB the keys to his apartment, all the passwords on gadgets, and list of stashes from my wife (who knows what). Importantly, for the country to sleep quietly, and that the terrorists never had a chance.

As informs Rosstat, in 2016, the country died 1 891 015. It's more than the population of the third city, Novosibirsk. The mortality rate of our country is on 32nd place among the world's poorest countries. For comparison, USA 93-m, France – 86-m. But we have, as you know, the climate is different, and mentally special. Just do not forget that:

56 283 people died from alcohol, including 14 021 that is poisoned by alcohol! This is much more than most drinking countries of the world.

23 119 people committed suicide...

21 610 people were killed in transport: 15 854 of them died in the accident, 1700 was hit by a train. The level of mortality on the roads we are all very bad, you know. Every day on the roads of our cities die in an accident dozens of people.

I just returned from Sweden, where the safest roads in the world. Last year in road accidents in settlements in the whole country has killed 65 people. Sixty-five people! But it seems the Swedes are too large. Recently they decided that no one should die in an accident. And what are they to do? They conducted a study and decided to reduce speed on roads in cities from 50 to 40 km per hour! Because every life is important. We have at this time, officials usually undertake religious processions and offering to remove the land crossings.

4656 people in Russia for a year burned. The number of people dying in fires, Russia occupies the 45th place in the world since the end... the Situation is a little better than in Afghanistan and Haiti, but worse than Zimbabwe. For comparison, we have 100,000 people a year die 7, and in the U.S. a 0.75 – in 9-10 times less.

And yet we have HIV, if you didn't know. Tens of thousands of people die each year. Mortality, again, in the poorest countries of Africa. But, according to Russian officials, to fight AIDS, we need to develop spirituality (traditional values), and people deny to fuck with anyone and to take drugs. The situation has long got out of control. According to Russian courts, "the fight of the international Fund AIDS epidemic is just a cover for promoting its own interests in undeveloped territory." I can handle it. So recently, NGOs that were involved in the fight against AIDS, has begun to liquidate. They say their work "contrary to the national interests of Russia."

8537 people in Russia died just unfortunate falling out of the blue. Well, or not smooth.

What about terrorist attacks? As a result of the terrorist attacks for the same year in Russia, killing 62 people.

Tens of thousands of lives could be saved if the government cared about your safety. A simple speed reduction to 10 km per hour in cities, 80% will increase your chances of survival in an accident. Landing on banachek number of officials who believe that HIV was invented by the Americans to destroy Russia, to preserve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The financing of health care instead of war in Syria will allow in the future to reduce the mortality rate in the country and to stand on a par with developed countries.

Pretending to care about you, the state wants only one thing – total control and limitless power. Your real safety is not interesting to anyone. Today officials are exploiting public fear of terrorist attacks to get you into bed. If there is something to be afraid of, that state. Likely to die in his arms much more than the hands of terrorists.

Ilya Varlamov


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