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Expert: the dollar will be digital, and social order — the slave
Material posted: Publication date: 13-07-2020
The budget deficit of the United States over the past month was almost equal to the figure for the whole of last financial year. As follows from the data distributed in the environment budget office of the U.S. Congress, in June, the Federal budget deficit of the United States reached $ 863 billion.

In June last year, he totaled only $ 8 billion, and the budget deficit for the whole of the 2019 fiscal year, which ended in the US at the end of September, amounted to $ 984 billion.

"The printing presses of the leading Central banks of the world in terms of viral-economic crisis, increasing its production at a frantic pace, — commented the Chairman of Russian economic society. S. F. Sharapov doctor of economic Sciences Valentin Katasonov.

As Professor Katasonov, the fed, ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, several leading Central banks in the five months since the beginning of the year catapulted into circulation 5 trillion dollars. The key rate of the major Central banks of the West since 2008, kept close to zero, and the Central banks of Sweden, Denmark, Japan they are below zero.

In turn, the low rates reflected in interest rates on operations of commercial banks. Interest on Bank deposits in some places are already below zero.
"In Russia until recently did not feel we were a kind of nature reserve with a very high key rate of the Bank of Russia. Only recently, the rate began to decline rapidly, that will immediately impact on interest rates on operations of the Russian commercial banks — says Katasonov. — Experts say that adjusted for inflation real income on Bank deposits in the current year can become negative".

At the same time, in recent months, many banks in wall street published a study entitled "the digital dollar". The essence of most of them is that he who hesitates is lost, to the Federal reserve as soon as possible to enter a numeric dollar. Otherwise the American economy will collapse and the dollar will lose its status as a world currency.

"Bankers of the world caliber (owners of money), that is primarily the main shareholders of the fed's long campaign to oust the cash from circulation, — the expert believes. The goal of the campaign is to lock them all in the realm of cashless money. If this time does not do, there is a risk that the monetary system created by Western capitalism of the last three centuries, will collapse.

In the West, even after the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, there has been a trend toward outflow of funds from Bank deposits due to zero or even negative interest rates.

"Today we have observed the same trend, including fear of mass bankruptcies of commercial banks, which could start in the autumn when will expire period of validity of the credit holiday, tax holiday and a moratorium on bankruptcy," warns Katasonov in the publication "In the United States is preparing a Grand confiscatory monetary reform."

In his opinion, what we are seeing today in the world of money and banks, is a manifestation of the world process. Namely, capitalism ceases to exist.

"Not today-tomorrow the society will be in the "brave new world", which is sometimes called postcapitalism — says Katasonov. — Most likely, it will not be socialism or communism (as promised in the "Communist Manifesto" of 1848, Karl Marx), and the new feudalism, or a new slave system".
These assumptions are confirmed by the tangible propaganda work to discredit cash that are trying to present as a tool of evil, which funded the terrorism, the drug trade, disburse bribes to officials, supported by the "gray" economy, the evasion of taxes.

In parallel there is a campaign in favor of the non-cash operations are very simple, they can be carried out at a distance, the possibility of robberies, etc. the Theme came out in the top in 2020 along with the virus-the economic crisis. Every day, the media published articles stating that one of the main channels for the spread of the infection are cash. That should eliminate cash and go to remote methods of payment using non-cash money in Bank accounts.

However, phobias that bloated media in relation to cash, quickly began to disappear. People began to act exactly the opposite — to transfer the Deposit money in cash. In Russia for four months (spring and June 2020) the amount of cash in the hands of the citizens grew by 1.9 trillion roubles, and the total amount of cash in circulation by early July reached a record of 11.2 trillion Interest to cash has increased dramatically in other countries. According to the Agency "Bloomberg", the volume of cash money supply during a pandemic was growing up in the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Australia and Brazil.

"Masters of money is necessary everywhere to lower the key rate below zero, and they can't do it, because it will provoke a mass Exodus of customers from the banks to the cache that will collapse the banking system, concludes Katasonov. — It remains the most radical and extremely dangerous tool — the abolition of cash by the decision of the monetary authorities. How to replace them? A digital Central Bank money".


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