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Joyce brothers here A. V. "Fourth world war. The future is near!"
Material posted: Publication date: 16-02-2020

In the coming decades the world will experience the most significant transformation in the history of mankind. Technology will radically change politics and the economy, the environment and relationships between people. Change ourselves. Beyond recognition. This book will talk about why artificial intelligence is not fiction, about how it works and why it is better than our brains. You will learn how he thinks, and what the implications of the latest scientific discoveries. You are waiting for all the possible scenarios of the future... will it Help you prepare for the new reality? No. But you have to think seriously about what is going on now!

A book for the intelligent minority. Absolutely not recommended to those who are willing for any reason to be offended.

Our main weakness is stupidity, laziness and complacency.

In 2016, I began to publish on the portal "Snob" is a series of articles under the title "the Fourth world". They were dedicated to our imminent and is not entirely rosy future.

At the turn of the century, humanity faces a new reality: "the third information wave" (Alvin Toffler), "the fourth technological revolution" (Klaus Schwab), "technological singularity" (ray Kurzweil).

That is our civilization transformered and fundamental way. But what do we know about the risks, about the possible consequences of these changes? If we reflect on them seriously?

My article was generally positive, with hundreds of thousands of views, lots of friendly opinions. However, there were very distinctive background, I would even say "odor". Say, all here, "the doctor from TV" intimidates, and there is no threat: technologies, information boom, and artificial intelligence — it's all fine and nothing to panic. Someone said that my "prophecy" — it-too-distant future, ridiculous even to think about it. Someone argued that in the real world of programmers and specialists on artificial intelligence "all different" and there is nothing "psychologists" to climb with futuristic predictions. Someone argued that I am not a reactionary, a Luddite, an enemy of progress and civilization.

But consider me a Luddite is as absurd as to call the "psychologist" (I'm still a psychiatrist that not the same thing). New technology is wonderful, I really think so. However, extremely stupidly, in my opinion, to develop technologies that are radically changing our environment, without considering the possible consequences for a product of this environment — that is for you.

We — flesh — the environment that surrounds us: and not only physicochemical, but also linguistic, cultural, psychological, ideological — that is, actual information.

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