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Future of the Information Society

The project covers the work of the Centre's staff related to the study of various aspects of the formation and Development Reports of the information society at the present stage. Аddresses the security of the financial system, the economy and quality of life in general.

Gary small, Gigi Vorgan "Brain online. People in the Internet age"

In the first half of July, the publishing house "Foreigner-Hummingbird" goes a popular science book by two American psychiatrists Gary small and Gigi Vorgan "Brain online. People in the Internet age". The authors argue that under the impact of new technologies the human brain changes as radically as in the distant past, when people invented tools. According to the authors, before our eyes in just a few decades is a real evolutionary leap.

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Clara Shih. "The Era Of Facebook. How to use the power of social media to grow your business"

This book is a step-by-step guide to using Facebook (and other social networks) for business. She talks about completely new marketing techniques that emerged with the development of social networks. How to use online networking to find the best places in the best company. How brands can find social networks new ideas and directions for growth. How to use the power of social network - its, colleagues, clients - to do things better, faster and cheaper. How to change the way of doing business to get maximum benefit from online presence.

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Information society

Since the mid 90-ies of XX century - the time when the Internet from specialized military networks has become a global Network - a vision of the information society "flesh and blood", and the information society of a beautiful hypothesis suddenly became augmented reality. This collection presents to the reader the stages of the theory of the information society - from theoretical calculations C. Shannon and N. Wiener to hypotheses about the emergence of artificial intelligence, from the declarations of the omnipotence of the Network and the emergence of a "network of God" to a practical analysis of the implications of the Informatization of society.

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Alexander Bard, Jan Soderqvist "Netократия. The new power elite and life after capitalism"

Netocracy are people with brilliant communication skills, and talent to manipulate information. Those who are not able to take advantage of new interactive technologies, form the lower class of the digital age. Advertising lights continue to burn brightly, but neither capitalism nor democracy have to do with this. What's next?

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