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The Russians will create a "digital doubles": how will it be?
Material posted: Publication date: 08-06-2018
Russian citizens can receive a "digital doubles". After biometric identification using a mobile app, a citizen can charge such double passage of the "public quests".

"Digital doubles" for citizens of Russia

The communications Ministry is in favour of creating for the citizens of Russia "digital doubles". This was on the sidelines taking place in the city of Innopolis (Tatarstan), the conference CIPROFLOXACIN said Deputy Minister of communications Alexey Kozyrev.

"Digital DoppelgangeR" will know all the necessary information about the real citizen - passport data, telephone, etc., and will be able to represent its interests when dealing with government. For example, a digital DoppelgangeR, on behalf of the citizen, in his best interests to conduct transactions belonging to it apartment, the car, etc.

Cloud-based electronic signature and biometric identification

In the words of Deputy Minister of communications, digital double will be for the citizen to perform "public quests". "But "digital DoppelgangeR" will be plausible if, as you do in the real world, he will be able to sign something with your signature, says Kozyrev. - You have the pen and the hand, while the double - electronic signature".

To access the "digital DoppelgangeR" will be used for biometric identification. This is the only form of identification, not alienated from man, said the Deputy Minister.

"You will not have any carrier or key to access their digital counterpart, except for biometrics, - said Alexey Kozyrev. - That we fully began to live in the age of digital government and the digital economy, everyone has a "digital double" of a citizen, in addition to the data profile must be handwritten signature".

The signature itself a "digital double" will cloud, to use the "digital doubles" will require changes to the regulatory framework. . In may 2018, a bill was submitted about a cloud-based electronic signature.

Database of "digital doubles" can be distributed and work with blockchain technology. To connect to the database can both government and business organizations - all of whom will need to interact with the digital counterparts of citizens.

The "digital double" in the mobile app

Mobile application developers, both public and commercial, will be able to add the ability to work with a "digital double". To do this, the user will have to click a special button to connect to your digital DoppelgangeR - and exercise via smartphone camera biometric identification.

Accordingly, a "digital double" of the citizen through the application to carry out medical operations, through the application of public services - working with government services, etc.

Marketplace services

In parallel, the Ministry of communications is working on creating a marketplace of government services online It will be a directory of all public resources and search service on them. Now the criteria required to work with meets established Rostelecom search engine Sputnik. But the Ministry of communications talks about using search engines "Yandex". says Alexey Kozyrev.

A prototype of the resource with the first services will work until the end of 2018 the launch of the marketplace will be held in 2019.

"In the future we will come to the ecosystem when the departmental content developers will receive a set of tools for integration into the platform, which will work by analogy with the app stores, - said Alexey Kozyrev. As a result, we imagine, on any mobile phone, which in Russia is sold, you receive preloaded applications state. And you buy a phone, you know that you have a "digital DoppelgangeR" with biometric identification, you can pass and get into the state of the digital world."


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