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Media: psychologists call a loss of meaning in work the problem of the century
Material posted: Publication date: 30-08-2017
Swiss experts say that "suffering at work" have different forms, one of which is an extreme physical and mental "burning".

Loss of meaning in their professional activities becomes the "scourge of the century", according to the newspaper Le Matin Dimanche. The publication refers to the results conducted together with the Swiss Federation of psychologists sociological research, in which more than 80% of the 480 interviewed experts stated that, in their opinion, over the last 10 years, the Swiss were more likely to experience "suffering at work".

E-mail instead of human communication

"The employee is under growing pressure, it has all little time and must continually report on its effectiveness, - said the therapist Jenny Humber. - Human communication is replaced by electronic mail and documents. Creativity stifled by Protocol."

In turn, a specialist in labor relations Laurent Bruyer sees the root of the problem is that in the modern world for a person crucial point of his existence, and this is due to the "ease of access to information". "Previously people just used to buy rice, but now for them is of value where it is produced, who and in what conditions," he explained, adding: "Enhanced global consciousness, creating new paradoxes in all areas."

"Suffering at work", experts say, have different forms, and one of the most common is an extreme physical and mental fatigue is "burning". According to psychologist Catherine VAS, "to stress the body such that it does not stand". Negatively on the health of the employee and results of his work is also influenced by the boring nature of the professional activity, not corresponding to his qualifications and aspirations. In contrast to the "combustion" in this case, the person continues to work, but often end up changing workplace.

Of the bankers to the brewers

Researchers point to the emergence of the phenomenon of diminishing returns at work due to the fact that the employee is disappointed in his work and does not see in it sense.

As noted by Catherine VAS, this condition can affect individuals quite affluent, well-educated, in positions of authority. They cease to see meaning in their work and begin to perceive it as absurd. Because others, they are still seen as "successful", that it's hard sometimes to share with someone with these problems. They want to change the profession on a more practical, where would tangibly see the results, in particular, to engage in craft production or social work.

However, warns psychologist Marion Aufseeser "a danger to the banker, who decided to become a brewer" is the risk of ruin, because the real difficulties of such a professional "conversions" are often underestimated. Most psychologists advise to follow in such cases, the "principle of realism" without losing the balance between your desires and chances for success in his new role. According to Aufseeser, since the increasing in modern society this problem employers "should allow subordinates to Express their wishes". In her opinion, employees should have the opportunity to meet personal requests, and the authorities should provide them with this support.

Konstantin Gain


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