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Social networks and politics
Material posted: Publication date: 10-04-2020
African American social networking sites (SNS) are applications that allow users to create a personal profile, then connect to exchange information, personal data and other formats of content [1].

These sites range from Facebook with sharing messages and photos to a newer platform Snapchat, which allows users to temporarily send your photos to "friends", and also cover Chinese platform TikTok, which allows users to upload 15-second videos to a variety of music. For all platforms the idea of the interaction range. In most cases, these relationships are the result of bilateral relations: family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. – all people who've had interaction in real life. However, there are cases when publishing content becomes "world famous" and get prosocially status.

2015 the spread of social networks have become global. According to the analysis of the company "Statista", in 2012, social networks were used by 1.4 billion people in the world, and estimated that in 2016 this number will reach 2.13 billion To date, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms in terms of monthly audience. So, according to Brand Analytics, winter 2015-2016 at least once a month to your account checked 12 305 000 people. In only one area of Sverdlovka for February 2016, there are 284 899 the authors of the platform "Indtagram" 4 315 800 people population, indicating that the penetration of social networks more than 6.6 % [2].

Despite the fact that Instagram is quite well-established phenomenon, the social network repeatedly becomes the object of scientific research. Many scientists say that Instagram as a platform has democratized communication and formed a new visual culture due to the fact that now anyone can create image and upload it to the Network. The use of different filters, crop images, photo collage steel operations, which are now available to anyone, not just professional photographers. Among the scientific studies dedicated to Instagram, we can distinguish several directions.

First, this work focus on Instagram as a tool in the Arsenal of specialists in public relations and as a new venue for political communication [3].

Second, a number of authors consider Instagram as the media ecosystem, which gave space for the expression of users and largely reflects the cultural trends prevailing in a particular society [4]. One of the most influential scientists communicativistics, which focused on the phenomenon of Instagram, is Lev manovich. He has undertaken a number of research projects in which the object of analysis made simple image user posted on the social network Instagram.

Passing the image through a specially created software, a group of researchers under the leadership of Manovich has identified certain regularities in the images created in different cities of our planet. The results of several projects by Lev Manovich is reflected in the book "Instagram and a modern image" (Instagram and Contemporary Image), which the author published online under a Creative Commons license.

What can give "Instagram" when you work with image solutions and reputation management policy?

First, it is increasing awareness. Not all politicians can boast the highest post of the country and thus the same level of fame. It is therefore necessary to ensure that people knew you as a politician and as a person.

Secondly, it is loyalty. In "Instagram" most of the information is perceived by faith, so it is easy to win subscriber. A goal of any politician – to create around himself a rather large group of people who, experiencing feelings like love, would support all his undertakings. Today, when people have no time to read, to communicate with them through pictures the most important.

Third, the reputation management and feedback. Any impact on someone else's opinion creates an instant reaction. Can a man be a great politician, but critics still exist. Therefore, it is necessary to respond to angry responses (whether fair or not). To answer all questions regarding any problems, is the Holy duty of any politician. The functionality of the "Instagram" allows you to track not only direct messages (mention a specific user in the message), but the content posted on the pages of other users using the hashtag.

Fourth, "Instagram" gives you the opportunity to go beyond the platform "Instagram". Integration of this application with other social networking allows you to expand your impact on the audience of other sites. Thanks to cross-posting photos from "Instagram" to increase the number of its subscribers, attracting them from other sites. Of course, it is important to ensure that the concept of the content policy does not fall in contradiction with the policy community social network.

According to Igor Davydov, a specialist in social media, "Another Point", it is important to understand that this application is just one of the promotional tools that must be used together with other ("Facebook", "Twitter", etc.). At the same time a mistake to assume that the appearance of the account only for "Instagram" in a moment will bring awareness, loyalty, etc. Another thing is that this service allows you to use the Internet [5].

The first politician who used the Network capabilities for communication, became the 42nd U.S. President bill Clinton. Team Clinton first created the website that hosts the curriculum vitae of the candidate, his election program and presentations. Later, bill Clinton called himself "President at the dawn of the Internet age", because at that moment when he took the Oval office in the worldwide network functioned only 50 sites. In the next presidential election 1996 headquarters Clinton also used the opportunity of the Internet communication through the world wide web was carried out fundraising for the needs of the election campaign. Despite the fact that then the opportunities of the world wide web in the election campaign was not appreciated and the main part of the campaign was conducted through traditional media, the Internet space is among the permanent venues of the election campaign and all subsequent candidates for the position of President of the United States.

Ksenia Sartakova


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