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Project oboschat information on the latest developments in science, engineering and technology. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of the situation in the fields of biotechnology, information technology and nantoehnology. Study questions the impact of scientific and technological revolution as the civilian and military area.

Trump has set a goal to make America first in the field of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could be invented in the United States, but other countries, including China, Canada and France took major steps to support the development of this technology and benefit from it. And so Donald trump, the US President will try to change course, signing a decree to start a private game AI by the US government. The main directions of "American initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence" was published in advance of the Management policy in the field of science and technology.

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Silent and mysterious: why did the US secret spaceplane X-37B

Secret us military spaceplane X-37B conducted on-orbit to your next flight has more than five days. What does he do, what can you do in space for so long and is not responsible or whether it is a clear threat to Russia?

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Presented "the largest rocket engine", made by 3D printing

On the market of orbital launches will soon be a new player. Until SpaceX or at least the same Blue Origin is far from it, but the start was quite cheerful. Private Scottish startup Orbex has introduced the world's largest rocket engine, manufactured using the technology of 3D printing. In addition, the company has revealed the second stage of its booster Rocket Prime, in conjunction with this event to the opening of new headquarters and development centre in Scotland.

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The fastest supercomputer in the world broke the record of artificial intelligence

On the West coast of America the most valuable company in the world trying to make artificial intelligence smarter. Google and Facebook brag experiments using billions of photos and thousands of high-performance processors. But at the end of last year, the project in the Eastern part of Tennessee quietly has surpassed the scale of any corporate artificial intelligence lab. And he was under the control of the US government.

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Breakthroughs in medicine and biotechnology that we expect in 2019

2018 was very cool for science. From the woman who gave birth with transplanted uterus, to the infamous scandal with children CRISPR and criminology, using genealogical tests to track down criminals last year, we never ceased marveled, where we lead the scientific path. CRISPR and now tops the headlines, but let's see, what else can you expect in 2019, from medicine and biotechnology.

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