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Project oboschat information on the latest developments in science, engineering and technology. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of the situation in the fields of biotechnology, information technology and nantoehnology. Study questions the impact of scientific and technological revolution as the civilian and military area.

A new interface connects the brain with the cloud in this century.

Imagine a future technology that will provide instant access to global knowledge and artificial intelligence literally at will, if you think about something specific. Communication, education, work and the world as we know it — would change everything. An international group of scientists under the leadership of the University of California at Berkeley and the Institute for molecular manufacturing, USA, published a paper in Frontiers in Neuroscience, in which he spoke about the emergence of amazing things at the intersection of nanotechnology, nanomedicine, AI and computing.

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Presents the world's first heart, printed on a 3D printer of human tissue

Scientists from around the world are trying to use 3D printing technology to create artificial organs. If they can prove its safety, efficiency and durability, in the future mankind will be able to forget about the donation, and to introduce in the body in need of healthy organs of people their artificial counterparts. Previously, researchers from Switzerland have managed to create a mechanical replica of the human heart, but it was printed out of silicone. Since silicone can be rejected by the body, scientists ought to create a heart out of natural human tissues, they finally succeeded.

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Regenerative medicine: the way to longevity of mankind. Are we close to that?

Lizards can grow back whole limbs. Flat worms, sea stars and sea cucumbers grow the whole body. Sharks continually replace lost teeth, often growing more than 20,000 teeth in a lifetime. How to transfer these practical superpowers to people? Answer: through cutting-edge innovations of regenerative medicine. While big data and artificial intelligence change our practice and invent new therapies, regenerative medicine aimed at the replacement and rejuvenation of our physical body.

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Three new elementary particles are open at the Large hadron Collider

Physicists have discovered a new, third pentaquark, as well as "split" of the old.

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New, safe nuclear reactors can halt climate change, but they are afraid to build

In 2018, scientists reported harsh news: despite concerns about global warming due to coal it produced 38% of world's electricity in 2017 — that is, exactly the same as when the first alarming warnings about the climate 20 years ago. Worse, greenhouse gas emissions increased by 2.7% last year — the largest increase in seven years. This stagnation has led to the fact that even politicians and environmentalists began to think about the fact that we need more nuclear energy.

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