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What is the smell of the cryogenic anniversary of Russian aviation
Material posted: Publication date: 18-04-2011

April 15, 1988, when for the first time rose into the sky Tu-155 with engine on liquid hydrogen, marking, writes in his article Sergei Grinyaev, "the era of cryoplanes" in aviation - from this date a succession saddest dates in the history of Russian science and technology. Unfortunately, a succession of extensive and continuous.

Yes, OKB them. A. N. Tupolev first in the world to have created and tested a plane that can use two types of fuel – liquid hydrogen and liquefied natural gas. It was almost a quarter of a century ago...

Where is this Russian cryogenic aviation? Why glorified CB is not provided for its development?

KB whether to blame that its not implemented pioneering projects? Where the so-called laminar aircraft with boundary layer control (COC) of the airframe? The funding is missing, they stopped.

KB, to rise in the sky the world's first supersonic passenger Tu-144, now is doing this: funding is absent, they ceased.

Same is the fate of cryoplanes and Tupolev. The sad refrain: there is no funding, work was halted.

The newspaper "commercial and industrial sheets" have already suggested an analysis of problems of development of Russian civil aviation (the newspaper "commercial and industrial Gazette", No. 14, July, 2009). Our interlocutors – senior employees of JSC "Tupolev" candidate of technical Sciences, laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation Oleg Alasheev and doctor of technical Sciences Anatoly Koscheev, describing the state of Affairs in aviation science, said that progress in aviation is not possible without two factors – without the experience of professionals, development of scientific and technical schools, and without decent support and interest from the state, put simply - funding.

As experienced professionals, this is still no disaster: at least the "Tupolev" - "flight normal". As with financing, we think that the reader would understand himself. For UAC – United aircraft Corporation. How it distributes the routes of financial flows is quite eloquent and then publish TPV, and the present PR sorties the highest authority in the field of domestic aviation industry.

Where it is necessary (personally to the managers of the Corporation), and back and directs. For example, on the "Superjet" is widely touted, but so far not held the brainchild of one of vozglavila KLA Poghosyan, 80 percent consistency from parts purchased in the NATO countries.

But there is in the aviation industry in addition to masters to direct financial flows, such "small" as the existence of the concept of development of the aviation industry. Or rather lack of it. Although, of course, the country, claiming the title of air power, this concept must be deployed for decades to come.

Yes, this concept has an obvious contender for this title - USA. The national plan of the country in the field of civil aviation by 2035 has identified the main areas of research and development work and their goals. Our "strategists" in the UAC can not see on the 2015 – 2017 – short-term prospects. And their cherished "super"-projects, the evaluation of flight crews lose to plans and timing, and technical criteria, which was discussed in the "jubilee" material CCI-inform – fuel efficiency. In 2000, the year we lagged behind this indicator by 10 %, in 2017 the gap will increase to 15 %.

However, the trend!

Here, seemingly, and we have to concentrate on breakthrough directions, to crawl from the stagnant explicitly adopted by the leaders of the aviation industry. These breakthroughs, innovative projects well-known to experts: plane SA power plant natural gas (LNG), aircraft with boundary layer control (COC), a supersonic passenger aircraft (PCA). In the most powerful, the most experienced Russian engineering Bureau of civil aviation have touched. Using experience of JSC "Tupolev" and other domestic scientific and technical schools, according to experts, by 2025, not 2035-th, as the USA plan to create a domestic aircraft superior aircraft competitors on the technical characteristics, that is, to outpace the US for 10 years.

This is possible with the support of the state. But if this support is entrusted to provide to those who obviously is not interested, it smells like treason.

What else?

"Distributors of financial flows" – not stupid are they?


Vadim Okulov

Tags: Russia , aviation

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