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Joseph Farrell `The Brotherhood Of The Bell. Secret weapon SS`
Material posted: Publication date: 26-10-2011

Secret weapon of the Nazis, studies in non-traditional areas of physics, the mysteries of the space program, the assassination of John Kennedy — could there be a connection between these at first glance distant from each other mysterious occurrences and events? A well-known researcher of the history of alternative science Joseph Farrell, based on the documentary evidence clearly confirms the fact that Yes, it can. The main theme of his book - the creation of Nazi scientists revolutionary even by the standards of our time the device embodying exotic technology, for the possession of the secrets after the war, the fierce struggle between the superpowers.

Previously developed as a new generation of engines, more than half a century ahead of his time, a mysterious "Bell" during the tests demonstrated the properties of monstrous weapons of mass destruction. If the Second world war lasted for several weeks, quite possibly, the result could have been different...

Publishing House: "Eksmo", Moscow
Year: 2010
Pages: 544

ISBN: 978-5-699-38816-5

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