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Fomin A. N. "About the Universe without the Big Bang"
Material posted: -Publication date: 28-10-2017

Readers are offered the results of research carried out by experts of the Center, the Purpose of the study hypotheses of the origin and development of the Universe without bringing in ideas about the Big Bang, which resulted in a negligible amount for a small time it was created all the matter in the Universe.

In the author's hypothesis instead of the global Big Bang as the beginning of all beginnings is considered much smaller in scale fluctuation of the physical vacuum. The development of this fluctuation, in contrast to the hypothesis of the Big Bang created matter and space-time. Moreover, it occurs not continuously, but by portions – quanta and relevant for tens of billions of years.

Those readers who are interested in cosmological problems, can find in the article something interesting for yourself. For example, the quantization of the space of the hypothesis of an accelerated expansion of the Universe and the origin of the microwave background radiation of the Universe (the Big Bang it's called relic), mass estimates for supermassive black holes in galaxies and even – mass and energy while the elusive graviton, the existence of which can be associated with quantization of space.

Despite the complexity of the issues used in the paper math is quite simple. This will allow the readers not to get lost in formulas and to quickly delve into the substance of the issues.

The structure of the proposed article is similar to the structure of the previous articles published earlier. The purpose of the continuity and integrity of presentation and therefore issues should not arise.

There are also several new sections and new clarifying information in the other sections.

The author considered this approach useful and constructive. Moreover, if the universe is expanding, and rapidly (as it follows from the hypothesis of the Big Bang), it is logical to produce appropriate extension material and articles on the subject.

I hope for the interest and criticism of interested readers. It is desirable that criticisms had less dark matter and especially dark energy.

Fomin A. N.

Tags: science , space

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