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Computer arms race: China bypasses the United States
Material posted: Publication date: 02-05-2018
Bloomberg told about another competition of two largest world economies — the USA and China. Win it may be even more important than winning in the trade war. This confrontation will determine who will be the leader of the new wave of technology development. Talking about quantum computers.

Quantum computers yet exist more as a concept than in a full devices. In short the concept is this: the phenomena of quantum mechanics, a quantum computer can perform certain types of calculations much faster than usual. This, in particular, should help manufacturers of drugs and vehicles to develop new compounds and materials. (Read more about quantum computers can be read in the cards "Medusa").

Bloomberg notes that the total amount of funds that invest in Chinese government work in the field of quantum computing is unknown, but it is clear that we are talking about tens of billions of dollars. So, by 2020, in Hefei in Eastern China should open the national laboratory of quantum information technology, the construction of which the government has allocated 10 billion dollars.

For comparison, the U.S. allocated for research in this area about 200 million dollars a year. The contribution of the government "in this critical technology," it is not enough that the country remained competitive, warned the US House of representatives, technical Director, IBM Scott Crowder.

Beijing is actively helping their companies to obtain patents and trademarks worldwide. Because of this, says Bloomberg, China became known as second only to the U.S. "research engine" of the planet. According to the company, Patinformatics, in 2017 the total number of received patents and filed patent applications in the field of quantum computing, China has bypassed the United States.

This graph shows the total number of patents and patent applications related to Chinese and American organizations
Data: Patinformatics / Bloomberg

Executive Director of Patinformatics Tony Trippi told Bloomberg that the US and China focus on different aspects of quantum computing: are Americans likely to lead to the production of quantum computers, while China (and Japan) are focusing efforts on creating programs for them.

One of the areas in which useful quantum computation, encryption. The emergence of quantum computers should, on the one hand, to give rise to create "uncrackable" ciphers, and on the other to accelerate the break-in "normal". And based on the obtained patents, Chinese researchers actively working in this field.

In August 2016, China launched into orbit the world's first quantum satellite. A year later he was sent to Earth "uncrackable" cipher — it self-destructs at interception.


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