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Michio Kaku said, what kind of future awaits us in 20 years
Material posted: Publication date: 21-02-2018
Speaking at the World Government Summit held in Dubai, specialist in theoretical physics, the famous popularizer of science, author of many popular science books Michio Kaku led discussion of the topic that will affect us (under us refers to all humanity) in the next 20 years. It was about the changes: those things, and technologies that will change our lives, logging in almost every aspect.

The beginning of these changes has already been made. We can observe daily how scientists and engineers make the next revolution in the development of artificial intelligence, space flight, medicine and biology, getting closer to a universal basis of our life – DNA. The development of science and technology certainly inspires, but the rate at which this occurs can create for some a certain level of anxiety. Moreover, according to Kaku, in the next twenty years, all around will become even more confusing.

Everything from toilets, capable on the go to carry out chemical analysis and provide recommendations for reducing certain substances in the body, and ending with walls that talk to us, – Kaku described at the same time beautiful, a bit frightening and to some extent even comical picture of the world of tomorrow.

Life 2.0

Kaku began with the fact that time will change everything. Including our language that will evolve along with technology. What does it mean? For example, this means that over time from use human speech can disappear the word "computer". No, of course, the word itself will remain, but we will lose the importance of the term. In some countries, says Kaku, the word "computer" will disappear from use, because these devices will become truly ubiquitous. The world does not remain the things themselves will not be computers. Everything will be computerized.

Continued the scientist theme of how 3D printing technology will change our quality of life.

"We're talking about the new world. A world where everything you can imagine, you will be able to create," Kaku commented.

He described a world in which we will be able to print yourself a new pair of shoes, jewelry or any other thing in our closet. If your child wants a new toy, you don't have to go to the store. All you have to do – go online, download your favorite design, download to your computer, and then print on a 3D printer standing in the next room of your house, which may also be printed using a 3D printer, only bigger.

By the way, with regards to the house. Our dwellings will cease to be just homes. They will become tools. Computerized, "live" instruments. And we're going to chat with Wallpaper. Yes, Wallpaper. And you doubt?

"In the future we will have "smart paper". This paper will show us absolutely any information at our request, just like the screens of our present computers. We will communicate with the walls. And not only we, but they with us. The architecture of our homes will change so that our normal wall will be our smartphones, laptops, and huge television screens."

Imagine yourself sitting in a room talking loudly, not only with all the things that surround you in it, but at the same time, inside the farthest corners of the digital world. However, for some this may seem frustrating and cause a feeling of loneliness. But that is the way we expect the world of the future.

In our access appears technology that will help us to establish contacts with other people in other parts of the world. Kaku said that these tools will allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with people whose language you don't even know.

"You will be able to communicate in any language. This will help your contact lenses translating and reproducing written text directly into your retina," commented popularizer of science.

Wanted to freshen up and go somewhere? Regardless of exactly where you are going – far or not — you no longer need to have your own car. And have driving skill you also will no longer. You will carry cars. Self. Self-governing. In addition, you will be able to travel light, as extra things to take with you the more you will have. Everything you need can be printed on a 3D printer directly in the road.

We are approaching a future in which socio-economic relations will be completely different, said Kaku.

"We build so-called "perfect capitalism" in which there will be no concept of intermediaries and all the negative sides of conventional capitalism. The winner of this will society, the loser of intermediary third parties. Stockbrokers," said Kaku.

The last question of the discussion were directly related to us.

"Artificial intelligence will be able to bring victory for us over, above what is could not win no king and no Queen past – the aging process. Eventually we all grow old and die. The old gives rise to errors in the work. As soon as we can use AI to compare the genes of millions of old people with millions of genes of young people, we will be able to determine where and how it starts the aging process. And then simply eradicate it".

The picture of the future, you will agree, promises to be attractive. But is it really? The answer to that is difficult. Looks tempting, but let's get back to this issue in 20 years.


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