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Project oboschat information on the latest developments in science, engineering and technology. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of the situation in the fields of biotechnology, information technology and nantoehnology. Study questions the impact of scientific and technological revolution as the civilian and military area.

"Forgive us, Yuri": in Russia, the keepers of the dreams took away the future for the benefit of

First, the news. Beyond the smoke of forest fires and pseudoseizure type "in Russia commented on the statement by the Ukrainian politician" is not yet very noticeable, but the media of the Earth, it seems, arises dawn of a new space race. With an emphasis on the moon.

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Technologies of life-extension will change human nature

Bright beats in the hearts of such a thought: "People unworthy of immortality, first they should change." What needs to change in man is absolutely clear. We never tire of talking about it. Our literary classics are always only those involved that pointed out human weaknesses. Our satirists from the stage loudly ridiculed the social and personal vices. This activity is to sow reasonable, good, eternal — and now popular.

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What quantum theory actually says about reality?

The demonstration, which turned ideas of the great Isaac Newton on the nature of light, was incredibly simple. It "can be repeated with great ease, whenever the sun is shining," said the English physicist Thomas young in November of 1803 members of the Royal society in London, describing the experiment, which is now called the double slit experiment. And young was enthusiastic youngster. He came up with an elegant and carefully thought-out experiment, demonstrating the wave nature of light, and thereby disproved Newton's theory that light consists of corpuscles, i.e. particles.

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Artificial intelligence will plunge into the universe of molecules in the search for amazing drugs

Dark night, away from city lights, the stars of the milky Way seem innumerable. But from any point visible to the naked eye not more than 4500 stars. In our galaxy, they are 100 to 400 billion galaxies in the Universe, and even more. Out in the night sky not as many stars. However, even this number gives us a deep story... of drugs and medicines. The fact that the number of possible organic compounds with medicinal abilities exceeds the number of stars in the Universe by more than 30 orders of magnitude. And chemical configurations that are created by scientists from existing medicines, akin to the stars that we could see in the center of the city at night.

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Will technology replace teachers?

During the development of robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies of the future the qualified professionals are increasingly there is the fear: will not replace or machine the representatives of their profession in the foreseeable future? Technology including penetrate in the education sector, so it's time to understand, whether has in General sense to study at the pedagogical University.

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