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Project oboschat information on the latest developments in science, engineering and technology. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of the situation in the fields of biotechnology, information technology and nantoehnology. Study questions the impact of scientific and technological revolution as the civilian and military area.

Google DeepMind group created for teaching AI ethics

Google has long been leading in developing their own artificial intelligence called DeepMind. For the further development of its technology, according to Engadget, the experts working on AI, organized a group, which will examine the moral issues of the development of artificial intelligence.

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When the first space colony?

Our days on Earth are numbered. Great minds predict that humanity must settle themselves on other planets, if he wants to avoid the complete disappearance of some due to probable natural disasters. According to Stephen Hawking, this kind of disaster will happen to Earth in the next 100 years, that leaves us with not much time to prepare

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Its burden is: why Russia will cease to launch military satellites from Baikonur

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on the receipt at the Eastern spaceport equipment to prepare launch heavy rocket "Angara". The first launch of the modernized rocket from the East is scheduled for 2021. A bet on the "Hangar" together with the Russian space Agency does and the defense Ministry. After all, she has to change a well-deserved "proton" "Soyuz" "shoulder to shoulder" "payload" is not only commercial, but also prospective military spacecraft. Today, some satellites of the Ministry of defence can be sent into orbit only the heavy "Protons" with the leased Kazakhstan Baikonur. For obvious reasons, this situation is not all happy. About when Russia will be able to launch from its own territory all military satellites and what is the difference between Eastern and Plesetsk in the material RIA Novosti.

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The future of medicine: how biostable will revolutionize surgery

At first glance, the glass is not very suitable replacement for broken bones, but British surgeons have found that the so-called biostable not only stronger than human bone, but can bend, bounce and even fight infection. What does this mean for medicine?

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UN experts say the failure of international drug control

The global war against drug trafficking has failed. To such conclusion the authors of the new report of the Commission created by the UN to assess the situation in this area. It is rare that the authoritative Commission, created under the auspices of the authoritative international organization, was recognized in the complete failure.

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