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Project oboschat information on the latest developments in science, engineering and technology. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of the situation in the fields of biotechnology, information technology and nantoehnology. Study questions the impact of scientific and technological revolution as the civilian and military area.

N. Carey "Introduction in sociology"

The paper discusses the following issues: the origins of sociology, the consideration of the principles of sociology Auguste Comte's sociological analysis of major areas: biological, psychological, economic, the ratio between sociology and other Sciences. Garaevym also addresses sociological methods, individual and society, objectivism and subjectivism in sociology, etc. Year: 1897Publisher: SPb.: Printing House Of M. M. Stasyulevich

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N. Kareev "Introduction in the study of social Sciences"

This booklet presents articles by renowned scholars N. And. Kareev, N. And. Karaseva, V. M. Gessen, is devoted to the formation and development of sociology as a science, economic research, analysis, civil rights, etc. Year: 1903Publishing House: SPb.

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Paul Halpern Collider

In the fall of 2008, Newspapers were full of headlines reporting that in the bowels of the Large hadron Collider (LHC), where physicists were going to split a substance into elementary particles, born of microscopic black holes, can absorb the Earth. What is the significance of the TANK for science? What are scientists looking for? Why physics might soon make one of the greatest spurts in its history? All these issues are discussed in the book "Collider". The author, among other things, proves why it is impossible either practically or theoretically, that the LHC will cause black mini-hole, which everyone is so afraid of.

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Joseph Farrell `The Brotherhood Of The Bell. Secret weapon SS`

Secret weapon of the Nazis, studies in non-traditional areas of physics, the mysteries of the space program, the assassination of John Kennedy — could there be a connection between these at first glance distant from each other mysterious occurrences and events? A well-known researcher of the history of alternative science Joseph Farrell, based on the documentary evidence clearly confirms the fact that Yes, it can. The main theme of his book - the creation of Nazi scientists revolutionary even by the standards of our time the device embodying exotic technology, for the possession of the secrets after the war, the fierce struggle between the superpowers.

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R. Penrose `the Road to reality, or the laws that govern the Universe. A comprehensive guide`

The purpose of the monograph known physics and mathematics Roger Penrose is the search for fundamental principles underlying our universe, and governing the proceeding processes. We can say that this book is essentially devoted to the relations between mathematics and physics, the interaction between the two disciplines, which plays a significant role in the quest to move on in search of a better theory to describe the Universe.

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