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Will technology replace teachers?
Material posted: Publication date: 25-10-2017
During the development of robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies of the future the qualified professionals are increasingly there is the fear: will not replace or machine the representatives of their profession in the foreseeable future? Technology including penetrate in the education sector, so it's time to understand, whether has in General sense to study at the pedagogical University.

Recently Oxford University (Yes, the same one inhabited by British scientists) conducted a study analyzing over 700 industries in order to understand which one threatens the most significant risk of extinction. It turned out that the teachers belong to the category, which in the coming years, there is nothing to fear.

To try to answer the question of why artificial intelligence will replace teachers, it is not necessary to have a Ph. D. degree. If you have children, you will see that the teacher is not just a source of information. This is the man who gives life advice will help you choose a career, will protect the one who abused peers. And in the end, try to imagine a class camping trip to the theatre under the leadership of the robot.

In other words, the teacher, or rather Teacher, for the younger generation is the guiding light and a moral compass, a mentor, a patron and big brother. If you add up all these incarnation together, it becomes evident that soon technology will replace doctors, therapists and politicians, than representatives of a respected teaching profession.

However, as often happens with any rule, and in this case, not without exceptions. There is a caste of teachers, whose functionality is limited to just presentation of information, assistance in the development of skills and assistance with improving skills. We are talking about the Tutors who focus on specific subjects and with whom to go Hiking and make new year's tea party is certainly not accepted.

And if you look at this uzkospetsializirovannye layer, we are inclined to agree that this profession already now it is possible to find a replacement. Of course, with some reservations.

The most obvious example that comes to mind is tutoring English. This is a costly solution for those who want to quickly learn the language or just has problems with his digestion, and willing to pay a lot.

But if to collect will in a fist, to hide the wallet and conduct research on the Internet, it is possible to achieve the same effect, without resorting to using hourly professional. The study material, exercises, control, and even games and entertainment — all of these features it is possible to get without the help of a living person. For example, recently the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev said that he was able to learn the English language through mobile application. It would seem that the President would be able to afford a platoon of Tutors, but he made a choice in favour of technology and in the end, I was right.

The app, by the way, is called Puzzle English, available for iOS and Android, and with proper perseverance can really replace a tutor of English. First, the materials there are not only texts, but also from the lectures with the participation of the speakers. But before learning how a good tutor, the program will ask you to pass a knowledge test to determine at what stage is your language learning.

The main feature of the service Puzzle English is also available in the web version, is that the material in it is contained not only in the classical form. To consolidate the knowledge, you will be invited to participate in the drafting of the proposal of puzzles scattered at random parts. Another nice feature is the analysis of the texts of popular songs and dialogues of cult films and TV series. Such language learning will appeal to everyone, and not every English tutor is able to offer.

And most importantly is that the President of Kyrgyzstan has managed to save fine. The app is available on subscription, the price of which is less than 600 rubles a month. And since the desired result has been successfully achieved, we would recommend Tutors of the English language really start to think about getting other professions.

Well, teachers, who share with students their life experiences shape their worldview and help them to become worthy members of our society do not yet need to worry. If we will reach technological singularity, the teacher definitely will not be its first victims.


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