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Status and prospects of research in the field of neural networks
Material posted: Publication date: 09-05-2011

The role of microelectronics technology in the development architecture of computers is obvious. Moreover, the development of technology generates new architecture of computers. So it was in the mid 70-ies, when the appearance of the SYSTEM gave rise to computers with SIMD architecture, and in the early 80-ies when the development of the BIS spawned transputer (TR) and computers with MIMD architecture. It is the development of microelectronics technology has made a real active development of NK subjects in the second half of 80-ies.


The content

1. Classification of variants of implementation of neural networks.. 3

2. Modern possibilities of the hardware implementation of the 4 PS..

2.1 Overview of international developments the hardware implementation of the 4 PS..

2.2 an Overview of national achievements the hardware implementation of the PS.. 7

2.3 Generalized assessment of the current capabilities of hardware implementation of PS.. 10

3. Promising areas of research in the field of hardware implementation of PS 11..

4. 12 conclusions...

14 literature..

Tags: Russia , innovation

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