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Scientists are sounding the alarm: the era of antibiotics ends
Material posted: Publication date: 22-01-2017
Recently it seemed that humanity had won almost all his major enemies, like cholera. However, there are bacteria that have managed to adapt to all known drugs. If the microcosm will increase the pressure, according to doctors in a few years, the threat can be any scratch.

The story begins as a Thriller. About the epidemic that could kill humanity. Mysterious spicy India. A tourist from the United States. Death upon arrival home. And bacteria. No, not mysterious. Long known for the "Klebsiella pneumonia". But, this strain proved to be invulnerable.

"A minor infection, which, in principle, there are in the intestine. It has become pathogenic. And no one famous antibiotic of all twenty-six that apply in the United States, could not help," - said the special representative of the who in the Russian Federation Hayk Nikoghosian.

Superbacteria scientists have long been waiting. In fact, man has created it himself, taking antibiotics. Wrong and wrong. Regular clinic in Ulyanovsk. First the patient. "I was a snot," says the child. Fever, cough. When the daughter was ill, Tatiana decided to appeal to the doctors will not. Habitually she prescribed her antibiotics. A loading dose.

"The result was more negative has not been any good, the child has not become easier. And I the first day realized that this antibiotic, so either we don't fit, or I'm doing something wrong," - said the girl's mother Tatiana Ageeva.

"The purpose of spontaneous antibiotic, an antibiotic, was unjustified. Because the child had a viral infection and in viral infection antibiotics don't help," says pediatrician Alfiya Mingalimova.

Meanwhile, the bacteria dormant in the body, hardened. Because the course to the end has not been completed. Survived! The next time the same antibiotic they will not take. This resistance will pass to the next generation. Time and again, to superbugs. Humanity is really in danger. Only in Europe from antibiotic-resistant bacteria die each year 25 thousand people. The problem is discussed at the level of the UN General Assembly.

"This has only happened in AIDS, for Ebola, for non-communicable diseases. And, now, sensitivity to antibiotics. Well, imagine the scale and depth of the problem?" - emphasizes Hayk Nikoghosian.

The phantom menace: we get antibiotics, not only when treated. They are added to toothpaste, the soap, get rid of acne. Used on farms, poultry farms. And here they are already on the table. Our bacteria produce resistance — resistance. In a matter of days! Pharmaceutical companies do not have time to create new antibiotics. Moreover, it is expensive. More profitable to invest in drugs that will last for decades. For the heart.

"It was very rapid development of pharmacology in the development of new classes, types, subtypes, and so forth, drugs that somehow affect the microorganisms. Since 2008 this process has slowed somewhat," says Professor of clinical pharmacology Department of the 1st Moscow medical state University. I. M. Sechenov Marina Zhuravleva.

But antibiotics are not a panacea. For example, scientists of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok offer to replace them with bacteriophages. Eaters of bacteria created during the Soviet time.

How does antibiotic: breaches in the cell wall and the bacterium dies. Or destroy it from the inside, affect the function of DNA or ribosomes, not allowing them to synthesize protein. And bacteriophages destroy the bacterium completely. But only one kind.

"You can't take any bacteriophage and treat any bacteria. Definitely need to pick up. To find out what a bacteriophage is valid for this particular patient," explains head of the laboratory of molecular Microbiology, Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine SB RAS Nina Tikunova.

Worldwide, Russia is no exception, and develop antibacterial drugs of a new generation. They block the genetic structures within cells.

"To trick the cell, not to destroy with one hand. But at the same time to recognize and block the desired area of genetic information and stop the development of microorganism. To some extent this is now considered as antibiotics of new generation", - says the Deputy Director on scientific work of Institute of chemical biology and fundamental science SB RAS Dmitry Lush.

But it is the prospect of. Need improvement, clinical trials. And death from superbugs is fixed now. Scientists calm: the Apocalypse is not today.

"Yet resistant to all antibiotics bacteria small, but the upward trend is still there, and it is very clear. The most serious situation in countries with unrestricted access to antibiotics," says Professor of bacterial genomics and evolution of the Sanger Institute and the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine Nick Thomson.

That is where they sell them without a prescription. Russia also in this list. So the doctors, from the precinct to the professors, I beg you: don't run for antibiotics every time I was sick. Better to flee from the disease. To regularly work on improving your immunity. Training, sport, healthy lifestyle!

Alexander Evstigneev


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