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16 ways to sabotage the work by the method of CLA
Material posted: Publication date: 06-06-2016
In 1944 the Office of strategic services — the predecessor of the CIA — distributed secret pamphlet. It contained instructions for the inhabitants of the countries of the Nazi unit, who sympathized with the anti-Hitler coalition. All of the recommendations were aimed at undermining the production. Surprisingly, they are quite relevant today. The CIA came up with a great way to be a bad worker!

"The methods of simple sabotage in the workplace" were declassified in 2008, and now the document can be found on the website of the CIA. This is a manual for ordinary people, which is designed to weaken the power of the Nazi bloc countries and to reduce the rate of production in all spheres.

If you look at the statement in General, it becomes clear: to turn into a bad employee is very simple.

We chose for you the most interesting quotes from this booklet. Despite the dryness of the language and the specificity of the context, all of the tips listed below, describe the normal behavior of employees in each office and in any industry.

See if one of your colleagues is valid for this instruction?

Organization of the working process

  • Insist that everything happened due to using channels. Do not look for easy ways, let fast decisions.
  • Pronounce speech. Say as often as possible and longer. Illustrate your ideas with long anecdotes and examples from his personal life.
  • If possible, solve the issues with the participation of the committees, to submit issues for further study and consideration. Try to make the Committee included as many people as possible — at least five people.
  • Raise inappropriate questions, as often as possible.
  • Require the most precise formulations during a call, protocols and resolutions.
  • Insist on revisiting the issue, go back to what has already been decided at the last meeting.
  • Encourage others to be prudent, cautious and avoid rushing. This can lead to difficulties or problems in the future.

Leaders advice

  • Determine which of your employees performs most simple and insignificant job. Think of important tasks and assign these colleagues responsible. Give preference to the most inefficient employees.
  • Insist on the perfect execution of the job. Get to redo it again those who made the slightest mistake.
  • To lower team spirit, promote those who work the least. Be supportive of the most inefficient workers.
  • Arrange a conference at a time when the number of fixed-term jobs has reached a critical level.
  • Increase the number of procedures and regulations related to wages. At least three people have to approve all the documents that would have one employee.

Advice to employees

  • Work slowly.
  • Increase the number of breaks to the maximum.
  • Do your job poorly. Blame the tools, machines or equipment. Complain that all of it stops you to perform normal work.
  • Never share your experience or skills with those who lack them.

Get to know your colleagues or superiors? Full instructions on how to be a bad employee, you can find here.


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