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Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Widely recognized fact that the key geopolitical events of recent years, such as the global financial and economic crisis and the "Arab Spring" were out of sight analysts at all levels. According to numerous testimonies, decision-makers did not receive warnings about the imminent occurrence of events that change the situation in the world. To study the situation and called this project. The project is devoted to the study of the current state, history and prospects of development of analytical activities.

Prophecies that we have left: the predictions of our ancestors

Today you get a rare chance to travel back to many years ago. You will see how mankind has imagined twenty-first century long before the advent of computers, cell phones and even electricity.

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Strategy and strategic foresight in the work of A. Snesarev

Modern cultural-historical and political situation in Russia is characterized by a systemic crisis and a number of fundamental problems in the social and public spheres. Although, at first glance, she seems unique, but nevertheless, there is sufficient typological similarity with the questions that were on the agenda in Russia a century ago, including similar conditions of strategic instability in the world.

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Belarus will establish the national system of technological forecasting

The establishment of a national system of technology foresight in our country were discussed by the Chairman of the State Committee for science and technologies (SCST) of Belarus Alexander Shumilin and head of the United Nations industrial development organization (UNIDO) on competitiveness, business environment and upgrading Nilgun Tash. This was reported by the press service of the SCST.

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The spread of epidemics: social media Analysis VS analysis of Google queries for Flu

Have you heard about Google Flu? By analyzing search queries, Google builds a graph of the trends in "incidence" in time. We decided to test Google data, comparing them with the number of mentions of various respiratory symptoms in social media in Russia: when and where recorded epidemics who are often sick and on what complain? Answers under the cut.

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Meet the First all-Russian scientific-practical conference on analytical technologies

20 September in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation held the first (constituent) meeting of the Organizational Committee for the preparation of the First all-Russian scientific-practical conference on the theme: "research and development of the country's security: realities and prospects", which will take place 5-6 December 2013 at the Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation.

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