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Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Widely recognized fact that the key geopolitical events of recent years, such as the global financial and economic crisis and the "Arab Spring" were out of sight analysts at all levels. According to numerous testimonies, decision-makers did not receive warnings about the imminent occurrence of events that change the situation in the world. To study the situation and called this project. The project is devoted to the study of the current state, history and prospects of development of analytical activities.

The management of socio-economic indicators of development of state-based associative analysis

This paper proposes an approach to the construction of the system of management of socio-economic development indicators of the state in order to counter threats in the politico-administrative and socio-economic fields, based on the identification of hidden dependencies of the partial indicators of the strength of the associative methods of data analysis.

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STB China

1 July 1983 by the decision of the party bosses, the research Department of the CPC Central Committee and the first Department of the Ministry of public security of the PRC (counter-intelligence) were combined in a qualitatively new body – the Ministry of public security.

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"Not detectable" in NASA admitted that we are blind to the signs of alien technology

In recent months, several leading astrophysicists from NASA and Harvard have suggested that aliens are a figment of science fiction: the developed and the ancient technological civilization may exist but are beyond our comprehension or detection ability. Silvano P. Colombano Research center. Ames NASA suggests that we may miss the signal during the search for UFOs.

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One of the secret security services: five questions about KGB

March 13 marks 65 years since the formation of the structure, which has become since then and probably forever one of the main "brands" of the USSR Committee of state security. Things, people and mysteries of this structure, which played a huge role in both domestic and world history, to this day excite the minds not only to the "former Soviet Union" – KGB museums exist in many countries and continue to open. While almost everything associated with the Committee today is distorted to a disgrace, such a shrouded heap of exaggeration, manipulation and outright fabrications that to search for the truth in this "non-scientific fiction" - not an easy task. But we still try to give answers to even basic questions about this terrible, mysterious and powerful intelligence Agency.

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DeepMind and Google: the battle for control of artificial intelligence

One evening in August 2010 at the conference hall on the Bay of San Francisco came on the scene the 34-year-old Londoner by the name of Demis, Hassabis. Standing on the podium feigned gait of a man trying to control his nerves, he pressed his lips into a short smile and said: "well, today I want to talk about the different approaches to the creation...". He stopped, as if realizing how loudly declares its ambitions. And said this: "AGI".

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