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Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Widely recognized fact that the key geopolitical events of recent years, such as the global financial and economic crisis and the "Arab Spring" were out of sight analysts at all levels. According to numerous testimonies, decision-makers did not receive warnings about the imminent occurrence of events that change the situation in the world. To study the situation and called this project. The project is devoted to the study of the current state, history and prospects of development of analytical activities.

The role of intelligence in the prevention of surprise

How to ensure the strategic bodies of the country's leadership timely and accurate information about emerging threats.

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Another fake from Novaya Gazeta: Oleg Valetsky is not affiliated with PMC "Wagner"

"Novaya Gazeta" reported that a arrested on suspicion of treason, military expert Vladimir Neelov supposedly linked with the so-called PMCs "Wagner." Whether so it actually, decided to investigate Federal Agency news (FAN).

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Why the future always surprises us

What is familiar in this, can get revolutionary implications for the future. To know the impact of innovation on the world — difficult. But to predict — you can.

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The graphics of the message of the President of the Russian Federation 2018

I must say, the post is not about politics and message, but about how NOT to do graphs, in General for anybody not to do so, especially for the President, especially when the audience is so vast.

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Some approaches to the identification of not previously identified threats to national security

One of the most important, not having to date, the precise apparatus to address is the problem of detecting and identifying new threats to national security.

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