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Belyaeva N. Yu. `Analytical communities in public policy. A global phenomenon and Russian practices`
Material posted: Publication date: 16-07-2013

Political analysis explored in the book on three levels of self-organization: think-tanks, analytical communities and intellectual environment.

As far as the processes of their structure manifest themselves as a global phenomenon that occurred in the last century and conquered the whole world? Become think tanks in Russia part of the global community or only a fragment "of the Russian political routine"? What is behind the name think tank of many Russian analytical centers - the reproduction of successful foreign practices PLI's the promise of the future? What is the impact of different levels of self-organization of communities in public policy? The book deals with General and specific traits of Russian and foreign analytical communities, factors of their formation and development, the problem of subjectivity, the degree of autonomy as political actors and subjects of public policy. The publication is aimed at researchers of public policy, the heads of state bodies and bodies of local self-government, politicians, representatives from think tanks and communities, researchers, local communities, political scientists, sociologists, economists and all those interested in the subject of think tanks and public policy.

Publisher: ROSSPEN
ISBN: 978-5-8243-1666-7

Tags: assessment , Russia

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