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Filippov V. A., Bogatyrev, L. V., `think tanks and transnational corporations`
Material posted: Publication date: 16-07-2013

For the modern global economy is characterized by globalization, a major driving force of which are transnational corporations (TNCs).

They play a leading role in the internationalization of production, expansion and deepening of production linkages between enterprises of different countries, affect the dynamics, structure and level of competitiveness of produced and sold on the world market of goods and services.

Think tanks are one of the links in the system of decision-making of TNCs. The present study focuses on the problem of interaction between MNCs and think tanks.

The book is intended for specialists in the collection and analysis of information, as well as for a wide range of undergraduate and graduate students.

 ISBN 978-5-9710-0244-4

Tags: assessment

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