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Material posted: Publication date: 16-05-2019
1 July 1983 by the decision of the party bosses, the research Department of the CPC Central Committee and the first Department of the Ministry of public security of the PRC (counter-intelligence) were combined in a qualitatively new body – the Ministry of public security.

The new Ministry was established eighteen offices (including counter-terrorism). Fourth, the office has engaged in the conduct of intelligence activities in the territories of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. As is usual in the security services around the world, this unit was peaceful, purely open for printing the name of the Bureau of the Academy of Sciences of China on issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Bureau of Taiwan for greater secrecy was subsequently moved outside of Chinese Academy of Sciences and presented to the Academy of social Sciences of China. In fact it became an independent office in the Ministry of public security, and always pursued only one goal – the collection and analysis of information on Taiwan.

It was a Treasury of information with the vast database on any issue relating to Taiwan, and piggy is very competent and hard-working.

Xu Yong
Third Minister of state security of China, Xu Junhua,(1998-2007), shortly after his appointment, made a report to the CPC Central Committee, which has not kept a jealous emotion. Contrary to his expectations, it turned out that the Ministry of public security is not the only Bishop on the intelligence area inside China and beyond. And the work itself "home security services" China is in decline, as complicated by the lack of a specific regulatory framework, the impracticality of approaches and outdated methods of doing it.

Xu Junyue cited the example of the intelligence system, established in the USA, where the national security Agency has more than five hundred companies, each of which represents residenct - reference point for reconnaissance.

However, such network has not been able to provide high-quality information extraction. And all this - in view of the low moral and professional qualities leadership razvedenkov, use of official position for personal gain, domination of personal interests over the state.

And most importantly - the impossibility of effective control over such a large number of subjects, few of which conscientious attitude to the entrusted task.

Xu Yunyao in a timely manner and very precisely defined the time for a report of this nature and demonstrated the weakness, and sometimes corrupt domestic intelligence. But most importantly - he is very well cited the example of the relative weakness of American intelligence. His report was a balm for the soul of the party bosses.

The fact that shortly before that, in 1985, the native (elder) brother of the former Chairman of people's political consultative conference of China, held the position of the Department of intelligence in North America in the office Xu Junhua, fled to the United States. A traitor, a defector ensconced at the CIA, failing most successful Chinese spy Jin Uday, unsolved for thirty years.

Jin Uday
And although the Communist party refused to acknowledge their connection with Jin Uday, few will commit in the history of suicide in the last American Federal prison. Contributes little to the trust and the method of suicide open scout - samotushenie plastic bag, tightly worn on the head, well, God bless him.

This moment is considered the starting point to the creation of the Communists unified intelligence system. Xu Junyue not achieved this time, the leadership of the Ministry of state security, but still made a very big step forward.

In the report, Xu Junhua said that the famous student riots in 1989 could have been avoided, removing the student leaders, if efficiently worked counterintelligence. But the functions of the intelligence was so vague allocated between security services, police and army, what happened is what happened. And it's a reminder to authorities of an imminent threat was very thorough argument in favor of strengthening the views of a centralized scheme of organization of Chinese intelligence.

Say casual a major improvement to the Chinese intelligence, which has also caught on with a light hand Xu Junyue - recruitment on the basis of sexual needs. Believe it or not – the term (美色利誘) is the place to be, but the principle is actively used in our time, although earlier is, to put it mildly, was not encouraged by the authorities responsible for party discipline.

So in the end of 90-ies of the last century, was recruited by Taiwan military Consul in Thailand, he is a military intelligence officer with the rank of Colonel. Information about the sexual preferences of the hapless Lo Sanje (the name of our dissolute "hero"), fell into the hands of the PRC. Chinese security officers, without thinking, sent to Thailand beauty Lee Pace, quickly seduced substratnoe cavalier, intelligence capabilities which were very high.

In 2005, this potential has become even greater as Lo Sanije was transferred with the increase of Taiwan, and on duty, often traveled to the United States, where he organized a meeting with beauty, Whether Paci. He passed the information, of course, in the heat of the passion.

Our "Casanova" in 2008, he rose to the rank of major-General, and in 2011, his career ended in failure.

The new technique was surprisingly effective. The whole story is properly investigated and studied by the intelligence agencies of the world still, so incredible the work period of the agent and the unusual method of his recruitment. Honed tradecraft, a departure from standard methods, focus on a specific goal – that's what distinguishes the public security organs of the PRC at the present time.


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