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The graphics of the message of the President of the Russian Federation 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 03-03-2018
I must say, the post is not about politics and message, but about how NOT to do graphs, in General for anybody not to do so, especially for the President, especially when the audience is so vast.

Analysis of the flights of the arts

So, a chart with the title of the picture. What do we see.

  • no baseline, that is, zero
  • axis, Yes, why they are needed
  • minimum year 1940, the maximum 2018, with the line only 55 points
  • 6 numeric birth rate, but only for two clear to what year they are
  • periods are marked with colored labels, but points for them are marked only in 2 cases out of 7
  • the period duration in years corresponds to a number encircled in an oval of dots
  • the second demographic echo of the war, it refers to the yellow period (1989-1991), but we automatically compare the signature green (1986-1989)

And most importantly, as you probably guessed, the demographic echo not in vain so called. Demographic pit followed with pericom about 25 years. This corresponds to the age of marriage (and the new addition to the family). Now the trend is such that young people are marrying later. So most likely the next echo is still waiting for us. Only this graph of us hesitate to say.


Further fun. A simple bar chart, it is the same bar chart. It would seem that there may not be so.

Northern Sea route


So that's it?

Northern Sea route marked

The height of the columns is strange, isn't it? View for 2017 and 2024: numerical values differ by 10 times, and the height barely 3.5 times. 1986 and 1996 a similar situation, but the ratio is different. So what is the scale here, really. Well, that is not linear, it is already clear, but I would like to know more precisely.

I think such a schedule only one? Here's another.

Gold reserves

The other slightly better to look. Do you have the credibility of these charts and the data on them?

And as a climax.


We wrote " as % to December of last year." Apparently meant total inflation for the year. Or not? See that in 2017 to December was 2.5% (Ah, dreams, dreams). And in 2018 to January of 2.2%. It turns out, this past January, almost the same level as last year? Continuous questions.

I think this can stay.

The main question

Now the main question: how such a thing could be. Can you believe all these charts and data? No, all are already used to ridiculous schedules and maps in the news media. But there is a constant rush, the eternal Abraham, they can be forgiven (though not impossible). But it is obvious that the event was prepared much in advance.

You know, if the message was graphics that correctly preukrashival achievements and concealed failure, to dismantle them would be much more interesting. I mean at least the classic "technique": "How to lie with statistics". And so, even insulting somehow.

Usually less experienced colleagues, I advise you to read Tufte and learn the Gestalt principles, but in this case... In fact, there is a high probability that almost nobody noticed these mistakes. And I have just my job security. From a professional point of view, it is epic fail. With narrow — minded and time will tell.

Would love to see all the data on the basis of which was drawn all this obscenity, laid out in open access. I think we have enough competent experts on data visualisation and designers who can make them normal, informative charts that will not be ashamed to show at the state level.

PS: the timing on the screens left to be able to verify independently. The record here this.


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