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Huawei has released an analytical report on AI Fabric
Material posted: Publication date: 05-01-2019
Huawei has released an analytical report titled AI Fabric, Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network in the AI Era (AI Fabric - network intelligent data centers without loss in the era of the AI).

The authors of the report emphasize the urgent need for an intelligent network of data centers without loss, using the power of artificial intelligence to extract economic profit from information. The paper describes the unique technological advantages and benefits that clients can bring the use of AI Fabric to create a smart network with zero packet loss, low latency and high throughput. The report is a valuable source of background information to build networks of data centers of new generation.

According to the results of the analysis of the data, 67 percent of managers 2 000 cross-border companies believe the digitalization of the core of its strategy.

Using AI to extract analytical information from huge amounts of data generated in the digitization process, today is a common practice. According to the forecast Global Industry Huawei Vision (GIV), by 2025, the ratio of procurement AI will reach 86 percent and the use of artificial intelligence for decision-making and reformatting of business models and ecosystems, and to optimize consumer experience will be a key engine of this process.


AI gives impetus to transform the architecture of ICT. In the issue of custodians of information the world has moved from hard disk drives (HDDs) to solid-state drives (SSDS), the delay time is decreased 100 times, and to replace mainframes for data processing came of GP (or even a dedicated AI chip) that provide a hundredfold increase in computational performance.

The factors leading to increased latency, are pushing the evolution of network communications, from TCP/IP to a remote direct memory access (RDMA). Architecture of distributed applications leads to increased interaction between servers and data exchange N:1 and massive data packets only increase network congestion.

The emergence of new communication protocols and changes in application architecture, require not only the transformation of networks, but also intelligent dispatching and forwarding data with zero packet loss, low latency and high throughput, which is associated with the intelligent network data centers without loss.

During the conference, CONNECT HUAWEI 2018, Huawei unveiled the solution to AI Fabric Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network , whose mission is to help clients in creating networks RDMA-compatible with traditional Ethernet.

This design ensures optimal performance for data centers with zero packet loss, minimal delay and high throughput. The authors of the analytical report will also describe the innovations of Huawei is the point of view of algorithm AI Fabric to better manage the downloading and traffic in the networks. One of the network traffic flows in three types: LAN, SAN and IPC.

According to the results of tests conducted by independent European testing organization EANTC, the solution to AI Fabric from Huawei reduces time of communication between nodes LDCs to 40 percent, which provides a noticeable increase in the effectiveness of such innovative services, such as AI training.

"The popularity of RDMA networking is growing every day, turning into a widespread trend. Such networks have already been deployed leading Internet companies in the world, - said General Director of datacenter networks, the Huawei Leon van (Leon Wang). - Intelligent network data centers without loss be one of the directions of transformation of the network architecture in the era of the AI. AI Fabric from Huawei is an innovative solution for today's world of artificial intelligence technologies. Our solution accelerates data processing and increases the efficiency of storage of information, exponentially increasing the return on investment for enterprises".

The solution to AI Fabric from the company Huawei has already successfully used by leading enterprises in the areas of Internet and Finance. The development of Internet enterprises to increase the efficiency of AI learning and to accelerate commercial introduction of Autonomous driving. The solution to AI Fabric brought China Merchants Bank 20-percent increase in performance in cloud storage, with the result that the Bank became the financial leader of the retail sector in the era of 3.0.

The link below to read the full text of the analytical report AI Fabric, Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network in the AI Era.

About Huawei

Huawei - a leading global provider of infrastructure and smart devices based on information and communication technologies (ICT). Developing integrated solutions in four key areas - telecommunication networks, AI, smart devices and cloud services, we work hard in order to make digital technology accessible to every person, every family and organization that exist in today's interconnected, intelligent world.

A comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services from Huawei is characterized by high competitiveness and excellent security settings. Through open collaboration with the ecosystem partners, we provide our clients with long-term value. Our activities are aimed at expanding human capabilities, improving the comfort of daily life and inspiration of all business and development to create innovation.

In developing their innovation Huawei focuses on customers ' needs. We invest heavily in basic research, focusing on the achievement of technological breakthroughs that could provide the stimulus for further development of our civilization. A staff of 180,000 employees working in the company units in over 170 countries and regions of the world. Huawei, founded in 1987, is a private company owned by its employees-shareholders.


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