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As the trend for humanity is changing the field of entrepreneurship
Material posted: Publication date: 19-08-2019
Sincere communication will help shape the image of the company and to attract an interested audience.

The more automation and digitalization to take the world, the faster the providers of goods and services, the demand for humanity — that is, a personal approach and honest communication with customers. In place of the texts written for the search engines, come in blog posts made by people who are not indifferent to their work.

The large selection of truly loyal customers can only what is addressed to him personally. It understands even a huge Starbucks Corporation in the coffee shops where everyone can get personal gulp takeaway. The point is not only to simplify the work of a Barista in a big cross, but also to increase loyalty of the person who will see your name next to the green logo.

Personalized approach, constant dialogue, sympathy for the customers, not turning into familiarity, are the values of the new sincerity entrepreneurship.

TV presenter, winner of the TEFI award, the coach of TEDx. On his page in Facebook shares tips on public speaking and expertise.

Why business matters important to the person

"Hello, Ainur' Mansurovich, is a Bank "The coolest", we want you to make an offer on a credit card with a limit of 500 thousand rubles..." I don't know what you're doing, when the call from the call centers, but I hang up. As soon as I hear the voice of metal soulless intonation, at least a little insight into the idea of no desire. Contact does not occur, because I'm not dealing with a person, but rather with the role, function, or profession.

If we talk about online, that many have noticed that the expert posts now layouts and saved the worst. You write-write, think over the facts, the depth of content, and the exhaust is zero. However, it should exhibit virtually home photo immediately a huge involvement.

People are tired of a dominant position "I'm smart listen to me" and megatons of information. Have a read trend is the fall in the value of expert opinion in the eyes of most.

About this book "the New government. What forces govern the world — and how to make them work for you" tell professionals to support social movements Jeremy Heymans and Henry Timms.

There are stanovlenye and novoletni management model. Stanovlenye require only one thing — to obey or consume. Novoletni is lined and structured to coordinate peer-to-peer and encourage mass involvement. This, for example, the movement "Liza Alert", a platform for finding rental housing Airbnb and YouTube. Dissemination of the principles of the "revolution of participation" proves that people are interested in each other and in need of personal communications.

To be sincere means to communicate from the position of the person, not the profession. And it is hard to underestimate the impact of it is personal qualities for business outcomes.

As the head to show the human face, maintaining the status

Within the company

What can you advise to those who decided to be "closer to people"? How exactly can you be sincere? If you think that you now have all the time to smile, to talk about his difficult childhood and coming to work in a Hawaiian shirt is not. In the first place you head, so to use the principles of sincerity through management tools.

Involve staff in discussions

Indicate problematic subject and instead instructions invite employees format of brainstorming. Suppose that during the 15-minute discussion, the team will come up with three options for solving the problem. When the participants will voice answers, ask more questions and minimize criticism. It is necessary that each person feel important and necessary.

Conduct weekly open talks

This is the format in which your Department or working group are satisfied with a five-minute talk to the rest of the team at the end of the week. Themes can be very different: "My favorite hobby", "My favorite book" and so on. The goal is to create a space where people can share thoughts, ideas and not be afraid to speak up.

Social networks

How to increase audience of subscribers, to warm clients and successfully sell your products and services? Here are recommendations for those who are interested in promoting via social media and public speaking.

Do a series of Stories

Stories — this 15-second video at the top of the ribbon Instagram. Serialization allows you to make sure that people were observing the life of a company as a series, to get involved in and become members. Regularly post Stories, where you will share noteworthy details of the workflow.

Make a personal live in Instagram

One of the coolest tools to communicate with your audience and sell their products and services. If personal brand leader brings income to the business, it makes sense to talk about personal things, keeping within the principles of the new business sincerity. Many experts in their very first attempts begin to mentalstate, DAB product into the chamber and make other horrible mistakes. The most sinful of them to teach others life. Instead, just share your experience.

Here are some possible topics for your upcoming broadcasts:

  • What advice I gave(and) would imagine in 16 years.
  • My life values, which I will pass on to the children.
  • My approach to planning the day and life.
  • As I believed(a) in itself.
  • The impossible is possible.
  • What qualities I appreciate in people.
  • For me is unacceptable!
  • Self-development. What place it occupies in my life?
  • My 3 goals for this year.
  • I am grateful (thankful) for the world...

For public live performances

Public lectures and presentations at professional conferences is another effective way to communicate with a wider audience and colleagues. This not only gives you new ideas, but also show that your business has a face.

Be generally 15/45

If you are invited for a business Breakfast, the worst thing you can do is talk for an hour without stopping. Of course, you want to show the full range of its expertise, to bring favor, but it is a road to nowhere.

Remember the principles of sincerity: the involvement and candor. Therefore it is better to give speech 15 minutes and the remaining 45 minutes to answer the questions. Thus, you involve the audience and get feedback. More answers — less declarative opinions.

Use a tool Mastermind

During performances lasting more than three hours use the tool involved in the discussion Mastermind. Set the theme for discussion (e.g., "sincere communication"), divide the team into groups of 3-5 and give the job to find a use for this idea in their specific business objectives. The results of the discussion visualize on the Board and discuss the results. It is much more efficient than a half hour to talk about the "importance and usefulness".

Using these tools and techniques, it is easy to become "closer to the people" without losing the status. And sincere stories in the social networks that you really like in your business, will be an additional promotion tools.


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