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The world in 2017: the version of the Rothschilds and the occult
Material posted: Publication date: 15-01-2017
The famous British magazine The Economist, owned by the powerful Rothschild dynasty has released a new room devoted to the forecast for 2017. The range of materials already available in electronic format, and the number is already on sale, and soon it will be available in Russia. This time the journal of the Rothschilds decided to go to a very unusual cover design.

And if before on the covers of such numbers Economist conspiracy theorists all over the world tried to read the hidden message from the world government and the shadow elite, it is now openly occult nature of the images may intrigue those who like the idea perceived with skepticism. The fact that as a reference to the visual design of the forecast for next year was taken up Tarot cards.

Language cards

Tarot, as we know, is not only used in divination (a reference to "gazeteleri" of any predictions), but also very popular among the various kinds of occultists and mystics. Most likely, the roots of symbolic systems that are displayed on the deck have rendertextarea origin and are associated with the European mystical systems, alchemy, and astrology of this period. Typically the symbolism of the Tarot is also connected with Hermeticism, a well-known occultist of the last century Afilias levy correlated the 22 major Arcana (trumps) of the Tarot with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, thereby linking the symbols of the Tarot with the Qabalistic symbolism.

The popularity of Tarot cards, the use of "the language of the Tarot" in occult circles of the West and some features of the maps that we see on the cover, suggests that in this case, the visual component is of great meaning. It is possible to distinguish two layers.

1. The traditional understanding of particular Arcana of the Tarot – often very vague and contradictory. In addition, the language of the Tarot is of fundamental importance to the combination of cards, as well as the lack of certain Arcana. Fully occult message on the cover of the Economist read only knowledgeable brothers and we do not dare to reveal all their secrets.

2. The illustration of the theses, published in the journal materials. In this case, the theme of the Tarot can be read as a decoration or a witty pun. The subtitle of this room Trump Planet can be translated to English as "trump planet" or "planet of trumps." Everyone understands how he wants. In addition, some of the images on the cards do not correspond to any classic or late oculists versions of Tarot card decks, but their meaning if placed in the context of the forecast for the next year are quite clear.
Not applying for the full transcript, let's run through briefly used on the cover of the Older Arcana of the Tarot.

The first card is the Tower (Tower) Arcanum XVI

In the interpretation of Afilias levy associated with sorcery, magic, possession, punishment. The symbolism of destruction. There are references to the biblical story of the tower of Babel, destroyed for human pride. In traditional versions of the Tarot deck it often happens that the tower is crowned with a crown that falls under the lightning strike. Also from the tower can run out two human figures.


On the cover of The Economist two crowds come in or stand further from the tower. One with a red flag with the hammer and sickle, the other with a crucifix. On the door of the tower nailed the scroll. Above - the image of the cross. The map refers to the 500th anniversary of the reformation and the 100th anniversary of the October revolution in Russia. Scroll - a reference to Wittenberg theses Martin Luther posted them on the Church door October 25, 1517. This is considered the symbolic beginning of the reformation. The lightning bolt means the destruction of the pillars of the traditional order in the past - the Church and the Empire (coming out of the tower crown in the traditional symbolism of the Arcana of the Tarot). In addition, this prediction is a new revolutionary storms and upheavals in the coming year and attitudes in Western Christianity. The first card predicts revolution.


The second card - the Court or judgment (Judgement) Arkan XX

In traditional iconography the map depicts angels in the sky, oversease Coffins and the General Resurrection. Symbolism – a new age, renewal, resurrection, rebirth.


Interestingly, in this case, the editors of the Rothschilds, by placing Donald trump on the symbolic throne of the American flag on the background of the globe, not repelled traditional iconography of the lasso, and from the so-called Tarot Thoth version of the Tarot deck known occultist and Satanist, and along with the British intelligence officer Aleister Crowley. Crowley renamed the twentieth Arcanum "EON" and introduced a figure seated on the throne of the Egyptian God Horus about the advent of which the collapse of the era of the dying and resurrecting God Osiris (Christianity for Crowley), he prophesied.


The map symbolizes the beginning of a new era, the resurrection of America, serious attitude to the Tramp as a symbol of a new era, a fundamental change in world order.


Map third - World (World) Arcana XXII (XXI)

Last in the major Arcana of the Tarot deck. Signifies completion, wholeness, completeness. As a rule, in classical iconography, is present the figure of the androgyne, which marks the end of the alchemical Work. Perhaps we are talking about the end of liberalism and the transition of the globalist elites to other forms of control. The image on the cover of the edition Rothschild demonstriruesh between occult centres (pyramid), the Vatican (building resembling St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome) and political centers of modern democracy (the building resembling the Acropolis of Athens), and their relationship with different types of art and media. The map shows the existence of a single hierarchical world system, rising to a common center. Sure, conspiracy theorists don't preminot to start a detailed analysis.


The fourth card - the Hermit (The Hermit). Arkan X

Associated with symbols of dedication and knowledge that this dedication gives. Afilias Levi so interprets the attributes of a Hermit:

"So here's a new interpretation of the dedicated facilities: the lamp represents knowledge, wrapping his cloak of modesty, his staff is the emblem of his strength and his courage. He knows he's determined, and he's silent."

On the cover of The Economist by the hermit is the crowd of people. In the hands of their posters. One of them crossed out the word TTIP (the TRANS-Pacific partnership). At the bottom is a globe with a crack in place of North America.

Indicates the position of the globalist elites "dedicated" in an era of change and social upheaval. On the one hand, they are beyond the reach of the rebellious crowds, on the other, and sanctify them, guide them. America they no longer connects serious expectations.


The fifth card is Death (The Death). The Arcanum XIII

Actually correlates with subject death, afterlife, necromancy, and post-death transformation and understanding of death as the possibility for a new beginning. Also linked to this image of growing limbs under the scythe of death in the Marseille Tarot. That death mows - grows again.

In our case, on the map except the grim Reaper is depicted a nuclear mushroom, dead fish, barren soil, and insects. Could mean war, planned environmental disaster, the prospects for the use of nuclear weapons in the new year.


Sixth card - the Magician (The Magician). Arkan I

This is the harness after the null – Fool means, in fact, doing alchemy, magic, strength. The iconography of this card starts not from the traditional Renaissance Tarot deck and the Rider-Waite, created in 1910 in the UK by Arthur Edward Waite, a member of the occult organization "Golden dawn". Modern MAG is equipped with virtual reality glasses and 3d printing controls. The card not only predicts new technologies, but also hints at the origins of modern science – operational magic, appropriate to the early stages of the Great Work of alchemy in medieval.


The map of seventh - Wheel of Fortune (Wheell of Fortune). Arkan X

Symbolizes the impermanence and changeability of fate. Often depicted with a wheel attached to it people. Figure, going up, moving towards power and authority. Down - to fall. The illusion of a stable state - is deceptive.

Means the coming to power in France on the election of National Front leader marine Le Pen and the defeat in German elections for Angela Merkel. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch "Freedom Party" will start its movement to power in the elections in the Netherlands in 2017.


Map eighth Star (The Star). The Arcanum XVII

One of the darkest arcane. In traditional iconography, there is a Nude woman with two jugs pouring water. Can also be a bird or a butterfly and a tree or a flower. Another element of the composition - a large eight-pointed star surrounded by seven smaller. The card can symbolize the soul. Version of the Economist magazine departs from traditional symbolic number – instead of one and seven stars, the comet and fourteen stars, nor any hint of the figure of the woman, the bird and the tree or flower, also present in traditional Tarot. Of all cards in the series looks the most "profane" and the least understood. May hint as to the emergence of new "celebrities" and something beyond simple decoding.

Jeremiah Posnetki


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