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Brainstorming: how to generate explosive ideas
Material posted: Publication date: 26-08-2017
Technique brainstorming is a great way to get out of a creative impasse and come to an unconventional solution.

The idea of brainstorming is not to have only come up with great innovative ideas. The goal of this technique is the generation of variety, a huge variety of absolutely any ideas. No final decisions. But the ideas just may be the key to solving a particular problem.

The advantage of this methodology is the participation of several people in the process. The more participants, the more interesting ideas.

The application of the techniques of brainstorming requires careful planning. Then it will bring significant results.

To brainstorm

Prepare the space

It is very important that the room needed energy. Hang in the Board room or put on a flipchart that all was clear. The room should be closed so no one could disrupt the flow of conversation.

Tune in to the discussion

If a person is used to working alone, it can be difficult to adapt and to Express their opinions in the group. Therefore, the facilitator should use some techniques to enable everyone to get rid of the excitement and catch the right mood.

For example, the technique of "Knife the baby and angry cat." The participants are scattered around the room. One by one they convey to each other an imaginary knife, throwing it ninja-style. Then the participants submit their child, portraying his characteristic sounds. And in the end — evil mad cat. You need to get into character and act like it's all happening really. The participant must directly look into the eyes of one to whom he is broadcasting.

Mark the target

Participants should clearly understand what purpose they serve. Is responsible for leading. His task is to guide them and to monitor the progress of the whole process.

Set a time frame

Over the course of time and the process of storm watches is a leading. Highlight for 15-20 minutes to discuss each question. You can also set the goal. For example, to generate 100 ideas in 20 minutes. For the participants it will serve as extra motivation.

During brainstorming

Always say "Yes"

The facilitator should not dwell on their own point of view and to be selective in the proposed ideas. A good leader is open to everything new, unusual and even crazy. So participants will be able to think of more interesting.

Stick to the topic

During the brainstorming atmosphere may be heated to the limit. Therefore, it is extremely easy, as they say, go awry. The facilitator should ensure that this has not happened.

Write down all ideas

This can be done either moderator or the participants themselves. In the second case, the participants handed out pens and sheets for records. Or each of them in turn goes to the Board, speak and jot the idea.

After brainstorming

Sort of the idea

If all goes well, after the storm you will have many recorded ideas. Including funny, frightening and crazy. Not in a hurry to get rid of them. Sometimes these ideas are brilliant.

Participants are responsible to distribute the ideas according to certain criteria. The easiest way is to use a highlighter. This will help to break the ideas into groups.

Develop a strategy based on these ideas

In each group select the best ideas. Remember that "best" does not mean "the easiest". Record these ideas in a separate list. Then work through them. Think about how you can use them to solve problems.


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