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National data management system must focus on the benefits to business and citizens
Material posted: Publication date: 12-12-2018
The dialogue participants agreed to Refine the concept in order to strengthen the focus on the benefits and advantages of the project to businesses and citizens. The corporate sector expects from a new information system for facilitating interaction with the state, including in the delivery of mandatory reporting. Individuals important to reduce the length of time to receive comprehensive services in a variety of situations.

National data management system (NTMs) is a project to create a unified information environment that will enhance the effectiveness of government decisions by integrating relevant data from multiple state systems, registers and databases. Currently the number of registered Federal state information system is more than 300. No fewer systems in operation at the Federal and regional authorities, having the status of registered GIS.

National data management system will be integrated with the basic elements of infrastructure of "electronic government", the state of directories and classifiers (e.g., Federal information address system, NACE, etc.). NTMs will also be the interface to access numerous data, which are state bodies in their activities: about material objects, their legal history and operation, changes in the status of legal and natural persons, movement of goods, the results of providing of public services and so on.

"The efficiency and speed of management decision-making in the public sector are often dependent on the quality and reliability of data processing in information systems and services. Availability also depends on how the business will be comfortable to do their activities. The same criteria affect the convenience of obtaining public services from citizens. A single environment state data, the necessary legal framework, and to do that, we prepared the concept of a National data management system", – said Onishchenko.

According to the head of the working group "Digital economy" for digital gasregulating Oleg Fomichev presented the concept of NTMs the main focus is on the interests of the state and optimization of interdepartmental interaction. However, the system has great potential to improve the quality of interaction between the state, business and citizens. When finalising the concept needs to focus on end-to-end government services that use different data sources in different departments, different branches and levels of government.

"The practical value of the developed system can be illustrated by several examples. For example, the company has changed the Director or address. In addition to changing the data in the register, this entails the need for interaction with various government agencies and renewal of licenses, permits, certificates, etc. Similarly, in a situation of change of name upon marriage to a citizen besides new passport you will need to update a number of documents. There are other examples, which, for example, relate to reporting to various Supervisory authorities, which contains the same or similar data. In fact, NTMs have become the technical tool that allow you to maintain consistency between rosinformcenter, to avoid duplication in databases and unreasonable redundancy of reclamation in business", - said Fomichev.

Along with the concept of NTMs, the working group considered a roadmap of its development and implementation for the period up to 2024. According to the plan, in 2019 should be made basic preparations, including approval of functional and technical requirements, as well as the development of the NTMs, which will allow pre-setting inter-Ministerial cooperation.

In the years 2020-21 planned development and approval regulatory framework, NTMs, coordination and implementation of all government agencies unified data standards to NTMs, as well as updating and testing the basic functionality of the system. In operation, according to the road map, NTMs can be triggered at the end of 2021. This will begin a three-year period of harmonisation of the data available in NTMs, and connecting to its interfaces, different agencies and state information systems.

An important milestone of the project, according to the head of the Analytical center, should be the mechanism of data quality control NTMs. For this project participants will develop and implement tools that using online services will allow citizens and companies to control the quality of data processing.


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