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Another fake from Novaya Gazeta: Oleg Valetsky is not affiliated with PMC "Wagner"
Material posted: Publication date: 06-11-2018
"Novaya Gazeta" reported that a arrested on suspicion of treason, military expert Vladimir Neelov supposedly linked with the so-called PMCs "Wagner." Whether so it actually, decided to investigate Federal Agency news (FAN).

Reason to believe a liberal publication, with each new publication becomes less and less. Especially after the unfounded "investigation" Denis Korotkovon the activities of the entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin. Federal news Agency wrote about what dirty methods the employee "the New newspaper" was trying to get the reader to believe his lies. However, the wording of the liberal media not only never apologized for the publication, but, apparently, continues to create fakes at a blank place on any convenient infopovod.

Очередной фейк от «Новой газеты»: Олег Валецкий не связан с ЧВК «Вагнера»

Was no exception and a note about "connections" to the arrested military expert with PMC "Wagner." As the only evidence shown was downloaded from the Internet cover of one of the books Neyolova, which he co-wrote with journalist Oleg Valetskii. It Valetsky, writes "Novaya Gazeta", for several years allegedly running in the mythical division in their military specialty.

More than any other tangible evidence of the liberal publication the desired result is not considered. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency (FAN) was not difficult to find Oleg Valetsky in the social network Facebook and ask him to comment on the note of the liberal media.

Очередной фейк от «Новой газеты»: Олег Валецкий не связан с ЧВК «Вагнера»
Another fake from Novaya Gazeta: Oleg Valetsky is not affiliated with PMC "Wagner"facebook/

For a man who, according to "Novaya Gazeta", currently fighting in places where good catches are unlikely to a simple network, publicist responded very quickly. The Valetsky admitted that he worked in several private companies that do not contradict the information from the cover of his book. However, the so-called PMCs "Wagner", to which it ascribes to "Novaya Gazeta", he is irrelevant.

"Yes, I worked in "RSB group" (engaged in an armed guard of all forms of ownership in regions with high terrorist activity. — Approx. FAN) and "Mind, Demining" (engaged in mine clearance and destruction of ammunition. — Approx. FAN). In the company PMC "Wagner" has never worked. Information about it is distributed from the site "Peacemaker". There like [I] guess I got carried away to my former colleagues in the companies (American and British), with whom I worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do not know what exactly: from Russia, Ukraine or Serbia. No relation to PMC "Wagner" I don't have," wrote Oleg Valetsky.

The source FAN noted that also worked in the British [private military] company "Erinys" (Erinys International), as well as in the us — "EOD" (EODT) and "JUICE" (SOC SMG).

"In the RSB were in Libya, plus the Russian company "Mind, Demining" worked on mine clearance, but in some regions — I can't say, because it's the responsible Director of the company — Dmitry Matveev, and all questions to him", — said Oleg Valetsky.

Очередной фейк от «Новой газеты»: Олег Валецкий не связан с ЧВК «Вагнера»

The publicist explained that the site "Peacemaker" he was accused of undermining the Lugansk water, although at this time he was in Serbia and came to Russia only for a week in August 2014. The visit was part of the Serbian delegation with the Colonel Jurkowice Ljubinko and DRAC, Dragana Trifkovic. The delegation went to a conference in South Ossetia, and the Valetsky was as a translator.

"There are reports in the Network, as our interviews on the Internet channel of the Gorchakov Fund (Fund for public diplomacy support named after Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov. — Approx. FAN). The Internet is the presentation of my book in the Serbian language "Serbian rune" in the city of Nevesinje in Bosnia in June 2014. I was not involved in the fighting in the Donbass was not in PMC so-called "Wagner" — just said the interlocutor of the FAN.

According to Oleg Valetsky, "the New newspaper" have not even tried to contact him before publishing their material.

"I guess they just all copied from the "Peacemaker". I have the "Erinite" was subordinate to the Ukrainians, who did everything to fire me because they managed, thanks to the complaints Director of the company, Fraser brown, in August 2004. And then through the Russian and Serbian employees of PMCs "Arinis" spread rumors about me as a terrorist, but I in 2008, I passed all the tests for employment in the U.S. the company "EOD", which was two years in as a shift supervisor for the protection of the American military base "mahmudia" near Baghdad. Then again check and ended up in Afghanistan on the position of the first instructor at the marksmanship of the company "JUICE", then the security chief of the American company "Tetratek" (TetraTech) in Uruzgan", — said the interlocutor of the FAN.

Очередной фейк от «Новой газеты»: Олег Валецкий не связан с ЧВК «Вагнера»

It is extremely significant that the "Novaya Gazeta" literally associate themselves with the anti-Russian website "Peacemaker", calling the information out of her. It becomes clear remark on the liberal media about what a "real name known to the editors", as "the Peacemaker" questionnaire for Valetsky posted under the name "Simunek Oleg Lapshin".

At the end of the correspondence with the correspondent of the Federal news Agency journalist added that Mr Neyelov asked him solely to the activities of Western PMCs, which is also contrary written in "the New newspaper". All this once again demonstrated the principles and methods of "journalism" the liberal media. All that they are capable of doing is taking the false information from the Internet and nothing about their dubious sources to replicate outright "fakes" by order of its Western sponsors.


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