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Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Widely recognized fact that the key geopolitical events of recent years, such as the global financial and economic crisis and the "Arab Spring" were out of sight analysts at all levels. According to numerous testimonies, decision-makers did not receive warnings about the imminent occurrence of events that change the situation in the world. To study the situation and called this project. The project is devoted to the study of the current state, history and prospects of development of analytical activities.

Spatial cognitive dequalification of statesmen. How politicians' understanding of geography becomes as subjective as history.

In recent years, there have been fundamental changes in the strategy of warfare. It is generally believed that the main reason for these changes is the "digitalization of weapons", i.e. the emergence of new types of weapons (from high–precision missiles to drones), the key element of which has become digital technologies.

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Conducting scientific research in modern conditions

I wrote this article while working at a state-owned enterprise - of a scientific and industrial nature. This article is aimed at summarizing the current state and structure of research in the Russian Federation, to identify weaknesses and propose solutions to optimize the organization of science development on a national scale.

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14 ways to develop analytical thinking

Analytical thinking involves the search for new information, its study and systematization, as well as conclusions drawn from the data obtained.

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OODA cycle: four stages for making effective decisions in critical situations

This process involves collecting the necessary information, recognizing possible distortions, making decisions and taking actions, and then repeating the process with the appearance of new information. Let's tell you how to use the OODA loop.

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