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"Memo to the CEO" from the aircraft designer S. V. Ilyushin
Material posted: Publication date: 02-03-2017
"...Here is a memo of the head, created by the genius of domestic aviation, Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin, founder of the legendary Il-2, winner of 7 (seven!) Stalin prize. Man, all conscious life which took place in a completely socialist country [i.e. the country, not knowing the pathetic, but completely uncertain for a person, who speaks Russian, the concept "management"].

– Come to work earlier than their employees is beneficial to their work ethic.

– Come to work with your working day and strive to implement it.

– Be principled. Never podlivaya under someone else's opinion, if you disagree with him.

– Not maneuver between multiple opinions is dangerous.

– Be truthful even if it may threaten you with trouble.

– Follow directives not in form, but essentially creative.

– With superiors, be courteous, and tactful Executive, but never show of servility.

– Don't justify your mistakes employment.

– Action taken complete with the energy and passion is breathed into subordinates faith in the success of the case.

– Never fret. It belittles you.

Never give in to discouragement, it undermines faith in your strength.

– Never, under any circumstances, lose the ability to reason.

– Be always cheerful and energetic – it sharpens the idea and good effect on subordinates.

– Never remind subordinates that you are the boss, they have to feel it.

– Achieve comprehensive knowledge of your job – it will save you from instability and fluctuations, detrimental to the cause.

– Learn to take in the work of those little things, which can hide major issues.

– Be fair and never insult the dignity of the slave is irritating him and is not conducive to health.

– A subordinate judge to the judge it was not only you, but also his own conscience.

– Keep the good work one child has been given other subordinate...

– The work performed by subordinates is bad, don't leave without comments is part of your duties.

– Carried out personal receptions – this will add substantially to your knowledge of the life and needs of people.

One of the most powerful tools in the education of subordinates is your personal example in work and in life.

– If during the day you personally have not learned anything, then consider this a day lost..."


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